January 21, 2012
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Welcome to the Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation’s blog. Like many organizations dedicated to raising awareness of crucial public health issues, being able to communicate with our supporters and potential supporters is key to our success. To that end, we’ll be sharing news about the foundation and the fight against C. diff. stories of people who have been afflicted by C. diff, news about treatments and policy changes affecting C. diff, and stories about Peggy and her life. We will also be asking guests to blog on here from time to time, from public health experts to other patient safety activists.

Most of all, we want to use this space to engage our supporters and the larger patient safety community. Like many patient safety advocates,whether they are working on surgical safety, hospital acquired infections, or medical device approval issues, we entered this work through a personal catastrophe: the loss of our mother. Nearly two years after the death of our mother the pain is still fresh and the longing for her smile, her laugh and her advice is still palpable.

We know there are millions of Americans who feel the same way we do. We also know that there are thousand of Americans within and outside of the healthcare industry who are working to minimize the cost of medical errors, and the pain they inflict on our families. On this journey, we have met numerous other people who have had their lives irrevocably changed by C. diff, MRSA, a faulty medical device, a medication error, and other ways in which their or a loved one’s medical treatment went horribly wrong. But most of all we know that together we can prevent this from happening to other families.

We are thankful for all those who stand with us in this fight, including our family, friends, members of our National Advisory Council, the members of our event committee, the victims who share their stories with us and everyone who works to increase patient safety. We hope you will take the time to read our posts, share them with your networks and most of all, join what we hope will be a national conversation about changing our healthcare system so lives may be saved and families may be spared the pain we have experienced.

The Lillis Brothers

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  1. Rachel says:

    I am 31 years old. Gave birth to a healthy baby boy 2/22/2012. He was delivered by c-section in a well known New York Hospital. During my stay I became ill with c-diff. My obgyn treated me with flagyl but I did not heal. He was very lax about the entire situation and even told me that it is fine to breast feed. Once we realized the flagyl did not heal me my obgyn told me he can no longer help me and that i would need to se a GI. I proceeded to see a GI who put me on 125 mg of Venco per day for 2 weeks. He told me that in addition to taking the vanco i should take probiotics twice a day (florastor). He told me under no circumstances should I have breast fed on flagyl or on vanco. I am hoping that this round of venco will heal me. Although I have been doing lots of reading and seeing that it can take months if not years to completely get rid of c diff.
    No one has answers for me. How is it REALLY transmitted? I have two year old twinsa t home in addition to my newborn and regardless of how sanitary I am I am terrified to go near them. Is it air born? Can it be transmitted through saliva? How distant do I really need to be? These are answers even my GI didnt really have for me.
    Talk about post partum depression………..
    I dont understand why Purell is even allowed in hospitals if it doesnt kill this horrible disease. That is all I saw the entire staff use. Not one person that came to tend to me washed there hands with soap and water. It is horrible. That is why the illness is so rampant. No one properly cleans themselves in these health care facilities.
    I would love some answers, advice, and just to be told everything will be ok.
    Thank you.