• LOCATION: Indiana
  • AGE: Yes
  • LENGTH: 4 months
  • SOURCE: Other

I had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix and was given SO MANY antibiotics in the hospital. I was also given Protonix for the acid reflux that resulted from all the antibiotics.  Looking at the list of risk factors for Cdiff, I fit every one of them. I was hospitalized for a week and continually told the staff that I had not had a solid bowel movement. I also told the infectious disease specialist that saw me in the hospital and I told my surgeon during my surgical follow-up. One day after the follow-up I came down with chills, fever, and extreme cramping. I was finally given a stool sample and diagnosed with Cdiff.

I have received 4 rounds of Vancomycin, one tapering round of vancomycin, 1 round of Dificid, and an IV infusion of immunoglobulin. After all this, I will feel okay for 2 days and then have a day where I don’t feel so good. Everything I read says it should clear shortly after antibiotics are started, but obviously that’s not true. I’m told I have a stubborn case and this is not reinfection. After reading all of these posts I fear I have a long road ahead of me.

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