• LOCATION: New York
  • AGE: 56
  • LENGTH: Ongoing
  • SOURCE: Other

In May of 2019 after receiving the incredible news of being in remission of stage four cancer, I began having severe diarrhea. I already had IBS-D and initially wasn’t concerned. I contacted my GI who decided to do a stool test. I had never heard of C. diff before. My test came back positive and I was started on Vancomycin. After failing Vanco, I was put on Dificid which seemed to help. Unfortunately, I kept recurring. I’ve been hospitalized a number of times and I’ve lost count. I’ve tried the infusion and failed.

I finally had my first FMT via nasal gastric tube and was good for seven weeks. Then the monster returned. I was then scheduled for a second FMT via colonoscopy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hold it long and now am having problems again.

I’m waiting to be retested. If I’m positive, it’ll be antibiotics again and another FMT.

This has been worse than going through chemo. I’m starting to lose hope. There has to be a cure out there for us.

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