• LOCATION: New York
  • AGE: no
  • SOURCE: Other

Several years ago, I received clindamycin (should be taken off the market) for an infected tooth. As a result I got C. diff and all the symptoms that go with it. I was treated with vancomycin, and I felt better, but not completely normal. A few days upon completion, it came back full force. I repeated the medication again with the same results. Long story short, I used all the different medications for C. diff without success. 

I was hospitalized for dehydration and an appointment with an infection specialist was made. I soon discovered he knew nothing about treating C. diff and he insisted I start vancomycin again. I got weaker, depressed, and lost a total of 20 pounds. When I asked about fecal transplants, he knew nothing. Finally he gave me a phone number and I arranged it myself. What a blessing, my prayers were answered! The fecal transplant saved my life. It is wonderful to feel good again!

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