• LOCATION: Indiana
  • AGE: 30
  • LENGTH: 7 months
  • SOURCE: Community Acquired

Long story short, I contracted C. diff from 4 rounds of Clindamycin due to my very first root canal. I had it for 7 months. I went in to urgent care when it first started and they gave me an EIN test that came back negative. A few days later I went to my doctor and they did a PCR test which came back positive.

I was on Vancomycin 4 different times. My symptoms range from nausea 24/7, severe intestinal cramps, diarrhea, extreme weakness/exhaustion, complete loss of appetite, hot flashes. I lost 18 lbs. I literally laid in bed and couldn’t do much of anything.

I was so thankful when I found out I was a candidate for an FMT (Fecal Transplant). I had it done back in June and have never felt better! It literally saved me.

I definitely recommend getting one done if you can afford it.

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