• LOCATION: New York
  • AGE: 49
  • SOURCE: Other

My name is Jill. I started my battle in June. I got C. diff after taking Clindamycin for a tooth infection. I knew I didn’t feel good, but I kept on going. I remember it was so bad that it felt like razor blades were in my stomach. The diarrhea was so bad that I was crying. The pain was worse than child birth or kidney stones.

My husband took me to the hospital, and I stayed a week. I don’t really remember my first hospital stay. I was sent home with Vancomycin. I began to taper my dose, and when I was done with the medication, I got sick again. This was in July (hospital stay two). I went on leave from school and work. I went to a GI doctor to see if I could get rid of it. Again, I was doing the Vancomycin taper. I ended up in the hospital for a third time in August.

My GI doctor wanted me to talk to a doctor providing fecal microbiota transplants (FMT). I was included in a study being done by Rebiotix. It was a blind study where I was given two enemas at my doctor’s office. Well, I failed that and ended up in the hospital for a fourth time in September.

I wanted to do the FMT and even had a donor, but the doctor performing FMTs wanted to continue the study. I was given an enema with “the real stuff” on November 6, 2015. It has been only a day and I have diarrhea again. I will get the second dosage of the enema on Friday. I hope this fixes the C. diff.

It has been an uphill battle for me. I hate that I can’t even clean my whole apartment. Before this happened, I was a very active person. My husband tells me to take my time, and not to worry about it. I just have to stay positive.

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