• LOCATION: California
  • AGE: 60
  • SOURCE: Long-term Care Facility-acquired

In 2018, I had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Five weeks later, I had a brain infection and they had to do another surgery to remove part of my skull. I was sent to a care facility, Park Manor of Tomball, to receive my IV antibiotics three times per day. Two weeks into the stay, I had terrible stomach pain. I couldn’t eat went to the bathroom many times a day. I talked to the doctor and begged them to test for C. diff but they said no. I had to ask again before they agreed. Over a week period I left my sample, 3 times, and kept waiting for the results and talked to the director. Finally realizing they were not going to test it, I got myself to a hospital to be tested and it was C. diff. I was admitted immediately and put on the antibiotics to treat it.

I never went back to Park Manor of Tomball. I couldnt believe I survived 17 days with C, diff. Now four years later, I am well. I had another surgery to replace my skull, no more C. diff. I wrote the nursing home today and waiting to hear back from them about why they would not test me. I also called the nursing home abuse number. They said it is too long since it happened. Thank you for letting me share my story. I realize how lucky I am to to survive and that many others are not as fortunate.

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