• LOCATION: New York
  • AGE: 73
  • LENGTH: Ongoing
  • SOURCE: Other

I am 73. I  had COVID last November (2020). I got what I later learned was C. diff a few weeks after getting my second COVID vaccine in March 2021.  I really didn’t know or understand what was happening to me. I made several visits to emergency rooms for stomach cramping. My second visit brought a diagnosis. I had C. diff.

I was shocked to hear the cost of medications. I went to see a new gastroenterologist after I made my fourth visit to an ER to be hydrated.

I didn’t think that my regular gastroenterologist I had been seeing for years was helping me.

Pedialyte became a food group, and the BRAT (bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast) diet was so limited. I had one good week and then it (C. diff) returned. So I’m back where I started from.

Any advice or suggestions? ( I also have GERD and IBS/D).

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