• LOCATION: International
  • AGE: 56
  • SOURCE: Other

My story started 11 years ago at the age of 46. I was healthy, happy and had a rewarding career.

While waiting for an oral surgeon which was several months away my dentist prescribed a drug called clindamycin. I have never been allergic to any drugs before because I never took any. One month after completing all the RX I started having stomach cramps and my stools looked small and thin, I was getting dizzy and feeling sick, and hot and cold. I went to see my family doctor a week later as I was having diarrhea and could hardly get through work. My doctor had me do a stool sample test, and that he thought it could be C. diff. Three days later my test came back positive for C. diff and I was prescribed Flagyl. While on this drug I had a seizure and proceeded to get worse. I lost 60 lbs in two months and with repeated trips to the emergency as I was dehydrated. I couldn’t eat anything nor could I drink but just sips of water, After six weeks they put me on Vancomycin, the doctors said that would work. It didn’t as two days after it came back. I was back on the Vancomycin and the C. diff came back again after two weeks. I then went in for an emergency colonoscopy with confirmation of C. diff back, so I went back on vancomycin for three months taking staggered doses

I was off work for six months. It took three years to gain any normal weight back. I’ve had ear problems, acid reflux, IBS, and now fighting with Diverticulitis Pockets that have formed in my intestines.

After 11 years, I fear it’s coming back and I am scared to eat anything as there are antibiotics in our food. When I get sick I can never take anything unless it is an emergency. This is a horrible problem and will change your life forever. I was lucky it never cost me my life YET!!

Thank you so much for doing this for your mother, no one ever talks about this and if we don’t speak up and save someone’s life now, when will we? I wish I had been aware as I never heard of this before it happened to me…….



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