• LOCATION: New Mexico
  • AGE: yes
  • LENGTH: 4.5 months
  • SOURCE: Other

I had a urinary tract infection in October of 2021 for which I took Cipro. A week after the last Cipro dose, I started having diarrhea.  My doctor ordered a stool test and it showed I had C. diff. I was prescribed vancomycin for 10 days. But the C. diff came back after I finished the vancomycin. I was then prescribed flagyl for 10 days, but the C. diff came back. Then I had another 7 days of flagyl and again the C. diff returned. I went to the ER and was prescribed Xifaxan for 20 days which cost $1,356.00. The C. diff returned again. 

I finally got into the GI doctor in mid January. I was put back on vancomycin for 2 weeks, then started a tapered dosage for 7 days which I’m on now. Then it goes to 1 pill every day for a week, then 1 pill every other day, then 1 pill every 3 days for 21 days.  I only hope and pray this works this time. I am weak and having some side effects from the vancomycin. This has been an absolute nightmare for me!

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