• LOCATION: Washington
  • AGE: yes
  • LENGTH: 19 months
  • SOURCE: Community Acquired

As a nurse for 35 years I thought I knew a lot about C. diff but as a patient I’ve discovered I knew NOTHING about C. diff. I have had 2 episodes of C. diff in my life.  The first was in 2017 following (prophylactic) antibiotics after surgery.  That lasted approximately 5 months with 2 recurrences.  I was given Flagyl twice and Vancomycin but I did recover and became functional.  So grateful for this time although it did leave me with IBS symptoms which were manageable.  Again VERY grateful for this time!

I developed C. diff again in the summer of 2021.  It literally hit me overnight.  At first I thought I could have a GI manifestation of COVID.  I had been so healthy, so I didn’t go to the doctor until I developed sepsis, 12 days after symptom onset.  I was hospitalized for 3 days initially.  Since that time I CANNOT get over it.  I’ve done Vancomycin 4 times and Dificid 2 times.  I get better on antibiotics and then the C. diff recurs.  During the course of my work up with GI, I was found to have an immune deficiency and thought to have Common Variable Immunodeficiency. However this diagnosis is in question, although the immune deficiency is not.  I am not a candidate for FMT due to my immune deficiency.  My immunologist is trying to prescribe IVIG which might get me there but insurance, as we all know, is a nightmare.

Currently hanging out on Vancomycin and hoping to get the IVIG worked out.  My faith is in God and His plan for my life so I am not without hope but I sure wouldn’t mind getting rid of C. diff.

Update: I have a happy update to my story as insurance has FINALLY approved IVIG.  This process took almost a full year.  My immunologist swears this will make a huge difference for me so am very excited to see an end to the endless C. diff cycles.


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