• AGE: Yes
  • LENGTH: On and off for 5 years
  • SOURCE: Community Acquired

My story began in 2018 when I went to see a colorectal surgeon for the incision of a thrombosed hemorrhoid. In order to ‘prevent’ an infection, the surgeon prescribed me both Amoxicillin 800mg 2x daily and  Vancomycin 500mg 3x daily. Upon completion of this 7-day course, I started to get chills, uncontrollable diarrhea, and lost a significant amount of weight. I went to the ER twice where I was told it was food poisoning and both times prescribed Flagyl for 10 days each time. While taking the antibiotics, I felt better. However, within 3 days after finishing both courses of medications, the pain and diarrhea along with fever and chills came roaring back.

I went to 3 different gastroenterologists who stated I had either Crohn’s disease, IBS, or it was ‘in my head’ (anxiety induced).  I finally went to UT Health Science Center where they asked if I had been tested for C. diff. It was the first time I had ever heard of it. Needless to say, after almost 9 months, I was successfully diagnosed. However, the doctor who figured out the root cause put me on a series of Flagyl, Dificid and vancomycin. While on the medications, I had relief. However, each time I finished a course of antibiotics the C. diff came back with a vengeance.  I started to do more research on my own and found out about FMT. I then had to call around to find a doctor who was even willing to perform the FMT via colonoscopy.

During all this time, I continued to decline. I’m a lawyer and it was difficult to work, eat, or maintain weight because I was having bowel movements 20-30 times daily. I truly thought I was going to die. After receiving the FMT, I had relief within 2 days. However, because of the length of time it took to diagnose me, I suffered from fissures and long-term gastrointestinal problems.

Since then, I’ve had 2 re-occurrences due to needing to take antibiotics – once for H. pylori and once for strep throat. Both times, I had to go through FMT both via colonoscopy and orally, and each time I contracted it there were more FMTs involved. During COVID it was almost impossible to procure FMT pills and hospitals were not allowing FMTs via colonoscopy. I had to order them from Spain! Now, I worry each time I contract it, it may be my last time as I am scared eventually FMTs will no longer be effective.  I feel that I have been given a ‘death sentence’ knowing how susceptible I am to C. diff each time I have to take an antibiotic.  I wanted to share my story with other survivors.

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