January 8, 2012

In the weeks following Peggy’s death, we learned of at least 5 people who lived in and around Marine Park, who had also died from C. diff. Three of them died within weeks of Peggy. One, a man we knew from Breezy Point Surf Club, contracted C. diff while in the hospital for prostate cancer treatment. He was in his early 60s and expected to recover. Another was a woman in her 50s who had multiple sclerosis, but – prior to contracting C. diff – was not in jeopardy of losing her life. We also learned that the mother of one of our uncle Jim’s friends, Marty Mulligan, had died from C. diff two years earlier.

Like Peggy’s family, the Dalys, the Mulligans were a big, Irish Catholic family that lived in Bergen Beach. In addition to Jim’s friendship with Marty, several of the Mulligan kids went to school or were friendly with Peggy’s siblings. Despite having lost their mother to C. diff, the Mulligans were shocked that the disease could kill someone as young as Peggy. While Marty now lives in Hawaii, his sisters Mary and Eileen, supported the foundation from the start. They were sponsors of both fundraisers, participated in our public service announcement and shared their mother’s story with the foundation.

What we found so devastating about Mrs. Mulligan’s story is that the surgery she had went so well, and without C. diff she would have been dancing at her grandson’s wedding. We are grateful to Eileen, Mary and the entire Mulligan clan for their steadfast support. Please read Mrs. Mulligan’s story and share it, so other families can learn from their sorrow.

C. diff Stories – Regina Mulligan

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