May 10, 2012
Posted in Patient Safety LogoWe’re pleased to share the foundation’s latest op-ed (the second we’ve placed!) which was posted on Kevin Pho, the site’s creator is a physician who aggregates smart thinking on healthcare, including policy, and shares it with his hundreds of thousands of followers on his blog, and social media networks.

We realize that our supporters are a diverse group and you probably have a variety of opinions on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (or “Obamacare”) from being thrilled about it to hating it. Whatever your political persuasion, we hope you’ll agree that the media has relentlessly focused on the individual mandate to the near exclusion of other aspects of the law, including important elements related to patient safety and healthcare associate infections like C. diff. Our co-founder and director, Christian John Lillis, wrote the piece to highlight the dearth of discussion on these aspects of the law and to raise awareness of the dangers inherent in throwing out the aspects of the law that serve public health along with the parts that are less politically palatable.

Whatever your position on the Affordable Care Act, we do hope that the crux of the piece’s argument, that patients have a right to know infections rates when deciding on a hospital and that payment should be aligned with lower infection rates, will resonate with you.

 How the Affordable Care Act combats preventable hospital infection

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