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We envision a world where C. diff infections are rare, treatable and survivable.

  • Location: State of Residence
  • Age: N/A
  • Gender: F
  • Length:
  • Source: Community Acquired

In December of 2019, my husband got sick with C. diff. It was after he was prescribed antibiotics for what they thought was a case of diverticulitis. In hindsight, it’s clear he may have simply had c-diff all along. He was treated with vancomycin after the C. diff diagnosis and …

Beth W.
  • Location: Texas
  • Age: Yes
  • Gender: F
  • Length: On and off for 5 years
  • Source: Community Acquired

My story began in 2018 when I went to see a colorectal surgeon for the incision of a thrombosed hemorrhoid. In order to ‘prevent’ an infection, the surgeon prescribed me both Amoxicillin 800mg 2x daily and  Vancomycin 500mg 3x daily. Upon completion of this 7-day course, I started to get …

Mollie Lauck
  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Age: Yes
  • Gender: F
  • Length: 1 year
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

My Husband and I were expecting our first child. We were so very excited. My Pregnancy was complicated to begin with- I was considered “Advanced Maternal Age” and had Hypertension and Gestational Diabetes. Though it was a labor of love, Pregnancy was physically very hard on me. I ended up …



PLF in the News: Living With C. diff – A Unique Perspective as Patient and Provider

PLF Advocate Mollie Lauck, NP, has both battled C. diff herself and treated patients with the infection. In the second installment of her interview with Contagion Live she talks about her clinical approach to patients who might be considered candidates for C. diff and specific strategies for infection prevention. “C. …