August 15, 2017
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by Kit


A French biotechnology company, Da Volterra, is currently conducting a survey to evaluate the consequences of Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) on the quality of life of patients during the acute infection. This study will also explore the post-CDI symptoms that patients might experience.

If you face or have faced a C. diff infection, please take this short survey to help healthcare professionals learn more about CDI patients’ quality of life:

This study will help physicians, healthcare providers, and policy makers understand the burden of CDI and to strengthen the need for therapies to combat and prevent CDI.

Da Volterra expects to publish the results and disseminate them widely to let people know the true burden of CDI for patients. They currently have no formal end date; they hope to have at least 342 respondents and plan to keep the survey online until then.

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  1. Bridget says:

    It has caused me to become isolated as no one wants to catch it. ER professionals are often ignorant, even while I am messing the bed in front of them. It has broken my spirit and bank account.

  2. Jamie says:

    Yes. The doctors I went to should be disbarred. They have made it clear that I am not worth saving. I lost 50lbs. They said only 11lbs. Because I was over weight. The other 39lbs of muscle is gone. I lost all my muscle. And a GI doctor at Stanford refused to give me a prescription for the antibiotics. I can’t understand why these Drs are putting my body threw this.