August 23, 2012

Dear Friends,


There’s a simple phrase in healthcare. You may have seen it on a prescription pad, or a plastic vial.


It’s PRN, and it stands for the Latin pro re nata, or “as needed.” It’s a directive that applies to taking medication. And it holds true for the work of our foundation.


In just 2 years, the Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation has rallied a national coalition to confront a disease that afflicts people in healthcare settings and claims the lives of more than 25,000 Americans each year. C. diff. has been cutting a steadily widening and lethal swath through the country for the last 40 years. But it doesn’t have to.


How do we prevent C. diff.? And how do we identify it quickly in patients so it doesn’t kill? These are the questions the foundation has become a force in answering. Consumers and caregivers are using our materials every day to improve healthcare in the U.S.


Our ability to shape health strategies and outcomes derives in large part from the support of people who care. We ask you to join the ranks of our supporters today with a tax-deductible contribution.


Please click here to make an online donation.


We are making a difference because we make information practical.


Over the past 6 months, our “C. diff Stories” have cut through the mythology of hospital acquired infections to lay out the facts.


Our blog shares important guidance: how to limit diff bacteria in supermarket meat, how clindamycin may hold risks in treating C. diff infections, increasing mortality in mice by 40 percent; and how the case of Peggy Lillis, the foundation’s namesake, holds valuable lessons about early identification of symptoms so that improving treatment strategies have a chance to limit the mortality of C. diff.


Spotting and stopping this disease starts with you. Your support allows us gather and share the necessary facts and do what’s needed to inform caregivers and consumers. Please contribute what you can today so we continue our progress.


Thank you for standing with us in the fight against C. diff. and creating a healthier nation.


3rd Annual Fight C.Diff Gala






Christian John Lillis & Liam LillisCo-Founders, The Peggy Lillis memorial Foundation


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