March 19, 2018
by Kit

Written by Brenna Darazs

There is something that all C. diff survivors know, and you can’t always see it. We may look “normal,” even healthy. We may seem to be thriving, and little of what is happening underneath shows through. Or we may appear weak and frail, and one could assume there is some pain, some suffering, some lingering discomfort. But in reality, there is a far deeper experience happening than may appear on the surface. What we know is this: C. diff has deep and lasting effects on our lives long after the last test comes back negative.

There are several areas that recovery encompasses, if you can call it recovery. For some of us it’s more of a remission, because a lot of us believe it is only a matter of time before we have a recurrence. We live with a new normal, as many illnesses require. The lasting impact of C. diff can be broken down into emotional, financial and physical reverberations. Let’s go in reverse alphabetical order.

Physically, there are many things you may not be able to do anymore, or, if you can, you may perform them at a much lower level of mobility. Low levels of energy are to be expected. Pain can be present indefinitely. Memory can be an issue as well. I can no longer walk any substantial distance or stand for long periods of time without needing to rest. The pain in my lower back continues to flare. Some days are better than others, and I hardly notice it. On bad days I can’t bend over to tie my shoes, dry my feet or pick something up off the floor. Going up and down stairs is challenging. Some days my body feels like it’s on fire, and I have to lie down until it passes. I still have many days with diarrhea and nausea. I have episodes of excruciating pain in my left hip and right thigh. I am only six months out from my last fecal transplant, so I hold on to the hope that many of these things will fade in time, but that is an unknown for me and many other survivors.

An important yet often overlooked impact of C. diff is the financial aspect of managing the disease, and this is if you are fortunate enough to be diagnosed quickly and correctly. There may be additional specialist visits required to even get a diagnosis. Many of the first-line antibiotics that are prescribed to fight the infection are expensive, and depending on your health insurance, you may be required to pay a large portion out-of-pocket. When the illness is first acquired and acute, there are emergency room visits and sometimes ambulance rides. There is diagnostic testing, such as CT scans of the abdomen, blood-work and stool tests. And that’s if you go the route of traditional medicine. There is pain medication, supplements, special foods, and pain management through massage and acupuncture. Then there are fecal transplants, and that’s if you are lucky enough to be “one and done.” You’ll have travel and lodging if you don’t live near a provider who can or will administer one.  There are IVs for nutrition to bypass your ravaged digestive tract (a Myers’ cocktail) and IVs with saline to keep you hydrated. Let’s not forget about the therapy many of us need for the post-traumatic stress that C. diff causes. Many of these things are not covered by insurance at all. Looking at some of these costs over a period of months or years, you are faced with a hefty load of medical debt.

Lastly, a hugely important and lasting complication of C. diff is the emotional state in which it leaves the patient, cured or not. At first, even with a diagnosis of eradication, there is a lingering doubt about whether it is really gone, especially when so many of the physical aspects remain. There is anger, so much anger. Anger at the doctors, the hospital where you were infected, the inability to get well, the fact that you caught it in the first place. I even blamed myself for deciding to get the surgery at all! There is frustration. This can be directed at doctors, nurses, your insurance company, your family and friends, or anyone who happens to be connected with your care. Because there are so many roadblocks to diagnosis and treatment, a deep sense of mistrust of doctors and hospitals can remain with you indefinitely. Then there is fear, and a lot of it. The first time, and every time after, you have diarrhea, you immediately suspect a relapse. You are constantly afraid it’s come back, and this time you will die. I will still wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night thinking I still have C. diff and freeze in terror. I will cry and shake and ruminate over every surface I touched that day and how many times I washed my hands and if it was long enough. Did I eat off a fork I didn’t personally wipe off? The weight of the experience in its entirety will cause me to collapse with an anxiety attack, unable to leave my house that day.

Not everyone experiences all of these residual consequences, but they are all there, waiting to be felt. Waiting to be had. Like a dormant virus that needs only one trigger to poke out and ravage. And ravage it does. So the term ‘cured’ isn’t always completely accurate. A lot of us still live with C. diff on a daily basis. There is life before C. diff and life after C. diff. I feel a lot of happiness that I’m alive, that I’m still here. And I’m grateful too. So very grateful. And many days that’s enough to override the other noise. I’d like to think that someday happiness will be the only lasting emotion connected with surviving C. diff. But for now, we continue on, fighting, succeeding, failing and living. Gratefully, we continue living.

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  1. Lori says:

    You hit that nail on the head. The part that stopped my heart for a second was the pain in the right thigh. I have been cdiff free since late 2016 but just recently diagnosed with Meralgia Paresthetica which causes severe cutaneous pain in my right thigh. Could that really be yet another byproduct of having cdiff? It just never ends. I agree with everything in this post

    1. Brenna says:

      Hi Lori,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, the right thigh pain is confusing. It can be excruciating one day and mild the next. I’ve never had any official diagnosis relating to it. I never had it before the C. diff, so it leads me to believe it must be related. I use ibuprofen or acetaminophen and an occasional deep tissue massage to manage the pain. A heating pad seems to work pretty well, too.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Hi Brenna,

        Have you found that you’ve lost faith in your HCPs and/or health-care system?


        1. Brena says:

          Yes, Elizabeth. I definitely don’t have the trust I used to. I am very wary of doctors and hospitals in general now. As for the health-care system, now more than ever I realize how broken it is.

          1. Adriana says:

            I had tingling and weakness in my hands and feet, felt dizzy and had lower back pain after Flagyl given for diverticulitis. That’s why, doctors started the c- diff treatment directly with vanco.
            I also live in constant fear it will come back again, and my family says I’m being hypochondriac.

          2. Hayley says:

            Hello, I can relate with how you are feeling. I am so incredibly afraid that my cdiff will come back, I remember all the nights I couldn’t sleep and how severe the symptoms were. I have so much mistrust in my doctor because I feel like it could have been caught a lot sooner so that way I wouldn’t have had to suffer so long! I am a college student and I’m having a hard time trying to keep up with my peers and my memory is horrible. My grades are reflecting what I am use to accomplishing and I feel so bad about myself. I feel so alone. I wish there was more research on cdiff and the lasting impacts on our health.

        2. gail says:

          Yes have lost all faith in the majority of HCP. Some of the specialists are decent. But the PA and NO want everything done their way..and I’m saying no

      2. Sarah says:

        I have that same pain. Was dx Cdiff + one week ago. Flagyl is doing fine not too bad side effects. What kind of Dr gave you the dx for your leg?

        1. Diane says:

          I now feel very lucky I have a minimum of affects but I do allow that medical professionals make errors or there is a bad one but most are great and our misfortune is just that Also remember our health is our responsibility also personal attitude can make or break you especially in lasting discomforts God bless and keep you

          1. Greg says:

            No.. doctors get paid an insane amount of money and especially after covid they make an insane amount of mistakes. It’s incredibly hard for me to give anyone the benefit of the doubt right now. Not sure how you can have a positive attitude towards them when our healthcare system is TRASH.

    2. Scott says:

      How many of you have tried a carnivore diet after c diff? The reason I ask is that I use carnivore to control my arthritis pain and it works very well. It might help your pain management as well.

      1. Greg says:

        I have also contemplated the carnivore diet but I think that’s more related to autoimmune disorders.. Also found that when I ate less carbs the side effects of keto were just pushing me over the edge.. I’ve been doing low-fodmap and gluten free and recently learned that I also have Chron’s so it’s hard to say what diet may work, it doesn’t seem like any diet has so far..

      2. Matt says:

        Yes 95 percent of what you said I go thru a daily basis
        The pain in my side is always there I walk and over in pain for my lower back. I can’t even get it out of my head every time I get sick I think I’m getting c dif again. The pain is excruciating. Today I was so sick I couldn’t even stand up. I was in the hospital a week ago and I had some kind of infection. They treated with antibiotics and I’m still sick. I hate going to the hospital. The pain in my lower back is absolutely terrible. Plus I have epilepsy so when the pain gets real bad, it pushes me into having. A seizure we are alive though and you’re right it’s totally different life. I dream that I have it. I sweat every night for a couple hours. I hope some day it goes away. I’m going on almost 2 years since I had it. I spent eight days in the hospital. Good luck to everybody. Please stay healthy and enjoy your day.

      3. Stephanie says:

        as I sit here writing this, it is New Year’s Eve and I started having symptoms again this morning and had to cancel my New Year’s eve plans. I have to cancel my husbands 60th birthday plans. I had to cancel my family vacation plans I have taken deficit twice I have taken vancomycin once, now they want me to do the vancomycin taper. They said the fecal transplant was approved by the FDA, so they are no longer doing that, and we have to wait until it’s final approval or they do have a “ poop pills” available at sometime in the near future! I’m not 60 yet and I am a gym freak, and have done nothing but eat good and take care of myself all my life and yet this thing is got me down so low that I can’t even get off the couch. At times I have to go to the bathroom 30 to 40 times a day other days I don’t go at all. I always feel like there’s a heavy pressure in my lower abdomen. I’ve had a colonoscopy that came out great and I had a CT scan with contrast that came out great! Is there any help for me? since the last dose of vancomycin in September I have been taking three Florastor and two other prohibotics three times a day, and they seem to keep it at bay but it’s back with a vengeance tonight. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN !!!

        1. Deb says:

          There are C. difficile strains exhibiting reduced susceptibility to vancomycin that are currently circulating in patient populations.

          The new guidelines recommend Dificid (fidaxomicin). It’s very expensive.
          After 2 recurrences, in other words, 3 bouts of c. diff total then a fecal transplant. Here’s the link to the guideline.

          1. K says:

            I had cdiff 5 times now and still got refused treatment. Going to do my own fecal transplant as the Canadian goldmines are BS.

        2. Debbie says:

          I feel your pain. I have just finished vanco on 1/3/23. Since then I have been wiped out. I am very tired and have pain in all my joints and lower back. I used to jog three miles at least four days a week. I try to walk every day. I lost 5 pounds from this and I am trying to keep weight on. But every morning I wake up feeling sick to my stomach and do not want to eat. I have to force myself to eat anything. And no matter how much I sleep it’s not enough. I am exhausted all day. I may have a burst of energy here or there but mostly I’m in bed. I have an event to go to with some old friends this Saturday and usually I would be looking forward to it, but I am dreading it because it’s just another thing I have to “get through”. My son is getting married in November and I just want to make it to that day so I can see him get married. I really feel like I am on my last leg at this point and don’t know who to go to for the constant joint pain and fatigue. No one has any answers!! I’m 60 and feel like 90.

        3. Hayley says:

          I can relate to how you feel! I miss going to the gym, I miss how I felt before having cdiff!

    3. yvette fournier says:

      I tested negative to C diff after having 5 weeks of diarrhea that would not let up. Now I have large stool burden. I have been to the ER, multiple test, My lower back and legs are in so much pain. I had a colonoscopy after the 5 weeks of diarrhea and doing the clean out process and they said it was not done right. I feel like I have a blockage and know my body, something is not right. Any advice would help. They want to do the colonoscope again, but can not be done til the end of Dec. Feeling very not well.

      1. Lisa says:

        Recommend you ask for a CT scan.

    4. Lynn says:

      If anyone is reading this please any help you can provide. Over the last year I have had c-diff 5 times. I have become extremely fearful and depressed. I’m like a different person. Now the doctor tells me that the fecal transplants are no longer being done in my area. Last night the diarrhea came back and I am sitting here this morning at 5 a.m. terrified waiting to call the doctor to request another test. I don’t know how long I can live like this my entire life has been turned upside down. I fear a relapse of c-diff every moment of the day every day of my life. And now sure enough I think I have it again. I can’t do any of the things I used to do. Im so fearful.And talk about post-traumatic stress I am a complete mess. Please if anyone is reading this and can help me please. The way I see it it’s only a matter of time before the antibiotics are going to completely stop working. I I’m terrified that I’m going to die from this awful illness.

      1. Christian says:

        Hi Lynn,

        Please email us at, and we’ll see what we can do to help you. – Christian

      2. Amy says:

        I’m so sorry you are going through this. My son and I had 4 recurrences of C Diff from May 2015- November 2016 and it was horrible so I know how you feel. Not sure what all you have tried and everyone is different, but I found a Functional medicine doctor who saved my life. I did not tolerate flagyl well so they gave me vancomycin. The liquid seemed to work better than the pills, but as soon as that was stopped it would come right back!! The only thing that made it go away for good was Dificid.,very expensive but thankfully insurance covered it with a prior auth from my GI doc since the other antibiotics failed. Also, eliminate sugar out of your diet since bacteria feeds on sugar. It is important to load up on probiotics as well since you are taking strong antibiotics. A yeast based one (sacchromyces boulardi/Floristor) which can be taken at the same time as antibiotics since it’s ywast will not be destroyed. And also a high potent probiotic like VSL to take a couple hours after your antibiotics. Eat lots of fermented foods too as they boost the number of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, in your gut. Plain Yogurt too, just not one that’s super high in sugar. It’s ironic that the same thing that can cause C Diff (being over prescribed antibiotics) is the same thing they use to treat it. I’ve just had to hope & pray that I didn’t need an antibiotic after because I instantly comes back. I got big by a cat and they prescribed amoxicillin and day 2 into it the C Diff returned!! I know you probably feel hopeless & defeated but don’t give up! Research, research, research! I feel for you and am hoping you can get rid of this awful illness very soon! Xx

        1. Brittney says:

          Currently fighting c diff.. one round vanco, failed. Now I’m on dificid. Praying it works. When and what did you take for probiotics? I was told it doesn’t do any good to take them while taking the c diff antibiotics. I took probiotics while taking vanco and since that failed, I’m at a loss. Hope you’re doing better!

        2. Qi says:

          Hi, Amy
          Thanks for sharing. What brand is VSL probiotics?

          1. Jennifer says:

            I ordered from Amazon. Just search it…it’s a probiotic.

      3. Monica says:

        After testing positive to C diff, I was given three different medications. All had a negative effect on my health and I had to stop taking them due to my allergic reaction. I was losing so much weight and nothing was working. I researched other alternatives and came across a study on treating patients with C diff. They found that taking Black seed oil was very beneficial in treating the infection. I started taking Black Seed oil (cumin) and within a week I could tell a difference with the diarrhea and severe pain I was experiencing. I tested negative and have slowly felt better. I still take it daily. I am slowly recovering.

        1. RosAnn says:

          What brand did you get please?

      4. Debbie says:

        I have severe ptsd after struggling w cdiff for months. I finally found an infectious disease doctor who put me on vancomycin for the fourth time but instituted a tapered dose over months. Ge also said drink kefir daily up to 3x per day. It worked! I still suffer w ptsd every day thinking it will come back and its been 3 yrs. i do drink kefir whenev my belly isnt right or my bowels. Please try this. Good luck! 🙏

        1. Linda says:

          How many months did you taper the dose and at what ratios?
          Did you just get Kefir at the grocery store

        2. Deb says:

          It’s been 3 1/2 years for me. After taking Vancomycin I started drinking Lifeway Kefir and taking Florastor & it worked for me. I still take Florastor everday.

          I’m doing well but I worry about having to use antibiotics in the future.

          Take care.

      5. Beau says:

        Get on goldenseal and turmeric asap this will help stop the bacteria growth.

      6. Colleen staude says:

        Hello I had to go to a compound pharmacist and he made me a probiotic that I took for 30 days after 4 months of different meds. 4800.00 pills didn’t work, I thought I was dying. Call Troy 480-854-3100. Ask him to help you. My dr didn’t know how to help me, I had to find him on my own.

    5. Margaret says:

      my daughter is 2 months after c.diff and still get weakness and tingling in legs and feet and dizzy and has to lie down and other days she is perfect. These spells are worrying. Her doc says it’s definitely not caused by c.diff. They tested her for hormone imbalance but all tests negative. She was on vancomycin and Flagyl and hospitalised for 14 days in all as it came back after a week. Now all signs of c.diff seem fine except for these dizzy/fainting like spells which leave her exhausted.

      1. Frank says:

        Have you found what the dizzy spells are about? Currently on the same boat post c diff

        1. Grace says:

          My son still has everyday pain and problems after 14 years with c.diff. He can only eat bland chicken and rice. Takes prescribed probiotics which helps. Sometimes severe pain with sweats. Emotionally tired of going through this. I keep praying for healing.

          1. Keegan says:

            I have lingering stomach pain and I think it’s from Cdiff but not sure. I’m frustrated of doing all this research to not find much. I struggle with stomach pain and difficulty eating everyday for the past 5 years

      2. Tina says:

        I also have dizzy lightheadeness. This is my first time with cdiff and 7 days into treatment. Headaches are excruciating as well! I’m so scared and worried about the lasting affects of this illness!

      3. Emily says:

        Please look into SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). It’s been 10 years since I “recovered” from C. diff and finally a couple of years ago discovered I have SIBO. It makes total sense to have it after C. diff since the infection doesn’t just go away without leaving your gut and immune system imbalanced. I too suffered from many bouts of dizziness, vertigo, etc. THIS IS CAUSED BY C DIFF! I work in the medical field and have worked with enough specialist/functional medicine doctors to say with complete confidence that the scarring and damage left by c. Diff causes a whole slew of autoimmune disorders. I started getting them one by one after “recovering”. Cutting out gluten helped the most and other inflammatory foods. Look into the histamine diet and Dr. Becky Campbell. She gives free resources and some paid as well, but is a functional med doctor that works remote. She will run the tests the other doctors won’t and admits to the flaws in the system.

      4. Melissa says:

        So I have had c diff for 10
        months on and off (meds help. and then if returns. Have your daughters electrolytes tested…specifically magnesium. My feet and hands started tingling and then contactures; turns out my magnesium was critically low (your heart can stop) and had to be hospitalized for four days in order to get the diarrhea to stop and the electrolytes balanced again. I’ve been in for weekly labs and almost biweekly magnesium infusions. Have her get checked asap…good luck!!!

      5. Belinda says:

        I aim 77 and had two bouts of C Diff in July and August. I never was an athlete, four years ago broke my leg and have have a hip replacement plus had cataract surgery ten months ago. I get occasional pains between my ribs but am much more concerned about the loss of strength and balance in my legs. Sometimes I get dizzy. Do you think C Diff is the culprit?

    6. Susan says:

      What is it with the pain in the right thigh? I’m exhausted. Too fatigued to do anything or go anywhere. Still highly anxious about being too far from a toilet. I have never experienced anything like this before. I was a fit and healthy 58kg now 43kg and what could only be described as frail. Not ready to do the “people “thing. Have become quite the recluse . Fed up.

      1. Suzanne says:

        I feel the same way! I have antibiotic resistant c. Diff. This terrible spore ravaged my body for 7 months while none of the meds, including dificide, worked. I can’t properly digest food, hurts to eat, hurts not to eat, frail and a riot of autoimmune diseases.

      2. kellee says:

        ok this is tripping me out about the right thigh. i thought it was sciatica but it really only hurts when i lay down at night and omg how bad it hurts..

        1. Donna says:

          Weird. I had MRSA (which started my c diff fiasco) and thought the right thigh pain was from the MRSA.

    7. Rachel says:

      I’m 2 years out from my 2nd episode of C. Diff, approaching perimenopause and get awful GI flares (where symptoms mimic C. Diff but I test negative) when I experience heavy periods due to hormone imbalance. The flares never happened prior to C. Diff. I’m in one now – and BRAT diet & rest are not helping. I can’t eat or function much during these times . GI doctors and OBGYNS have been no help and I don’t know what to do.

    8. Laura says:

      I had C Diff 3 years ago. I was 172. Now, I still have diarrhea, up to 5 x a day and I am 120. At 5’9″ No faith in Dr’s, and I feel sick all the time.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you!

    1. Brenna says:

      You are very welcome, Suzanne.

      1. Jacqueline says:

        Hi there,
        Has anyone experienced an unexpected weight gain after having c-Diff? My doctor will admit that I have and that he feels it’s definitely related but offers no answers as to why or how to fight it.

        1. Toni says:

          Yes!!! I gained 80 pounds within one year after having c-diff. I started gaining before I left the hospital. I went from 130 pounds to 210, and no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight. It’s very frustrating!

          1. Scotty says:

            1 1/2 years post FMT, I went from 127 to 204 in a course of 3 weeks…I can’t seem to lose the weight and am so very uncomfortable…I truly want C-diff to come back; I still have the same loose bm’s and pain, so I may as well have the disease that causes the weight loss too

        2. Patricia says:

          You would get weight gain if you were put on Steriods for the diarehea.If your appetite is a lot better,and you eat more.

        3. Linda says:

          No, I lost 30 pounds while I had cdiff

        4. Sherron says:

          Hi Jacqueline, I had c-diff back in 2017 after taking an antibiotic. I had c-diff 4 times,sick for about 6 months. I lost weight, and muscle mass. Finally gained my weight back. But I am continuing to gain weight and I don’t know why. Thinking about going to a doctor and having all hormones checked out.

        5. Robyn says:

          I have been battling c dif for six months now. I have taken three rounds of Flagyl four rounds of vancomycin (one as tapering pulse therapy) and one round of deficit (not in this order). Most of the time I can carry-on about a normal life going to work, etc. but I have been doing a work out (High intensity interval training) to lose weight and after three weeks I lost 4 pounds and got back on the vancomycin just to gain the 4 pounds back within three days. I am busting my butt to lose weight and can’t lose one single pound after a month and a half. It’s very depressing and I feel extremely bloated all of the time.

          1. Diane says:

            Having recovered from c diff five years ago now I have put on 3 1/2 stone. Couldn’t shift any of it despite best efforts until one month ago I started the keto diet. I have lost 1st five pounds in a month but best of all my stomach no longer feels painful or bloated and my birthday are behaving much more normally. Don’t know if you’ve tried anything like this but honestly I’ve had the best month since recovering from this very nasty illness

      2. Gabby says:

        Reading this blog and everyone’s comments has helped me to see that I am not crazy, like the doctors make me out to think… I was diagnosed in early 2020. It is suspected I contracted in the hospital while being treated for another stomach issue. After two weeks of hospital discharge it was determined I tested positive. GI doc prescribed Vanco and that was about it. Two weeks after my first treatment I felt a surge of symptoms again and was prescribed another round of Vanco. I never fully felt better after testing negative. Had colonoscopy and nothing too abnormal was shown, so I was pretty much discharged by GI. I gained 20 pounds. I have been consistently dieting and working out and I am unable to lose weight. I am constantly tired. And whenever my menstrual cycle emerges I feel like I have cdiff all over again. I have stomach pains daily along with diarrhea/gas. Current physicians have diagnosed me with IBS since having cdiff and again I feel like my symptoms are brushed off and I am looked at like I am crazy. I take a prebiotic, probiotic, peppermint pills, gut health supplements, eat low fodmap and still have bloating and pain daily. I feel like I have little quality of life and I am only 27… if anyone has any advice I am willing to try anything.

        1. Amanda says:

          That sounds just like me I got it feb 2020 and every since then it’s been just a battle. I also am left over with ringing ears from taking Vanco for over 4 months that is an ototoxin and attacks the ears. I also take probiotics, prebiotics but everythign hurts my stomach!!! And I agree with the menstrual cramps worse than ever.

          1. Bonnie says:

            4-13-2022 I have been on vanoc for 5 days & 3 days ago my ears started hurting felt full of water & painful, my 1st thougth was OMG I on;t need to have ear infection also but I realize now by reading this it might be from the medication I am on a long term taper program of vanco & also getting anti infusion end of week

          2. trish says:

            Has anyone had success with Fecal transplant? With Dificid? just diagnosed with Cdiff this weekend

        2. Dee says:

          Hi, I am reading these comments — 2 years after having cdiff and i’m having left side abdomen pain all the time its either under my rib or lower down. was diagnosed with IBS – so frustrating… I just want to feel good.

        3. Arabia says:

          Have you tried the Chakra music on YouTube. I personally use the Nimad music channel. They have everything for people who are suffering from GI Symptoms.

        4. Amanda says:

          Wow! I’m just finding this thread now and feel like I’m reading entries in my journal. I’ve tested positive for c.diff again and have been dealing with nausea, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite but still somehow weight gain!, for years now. I finally had colonoscopy and nothing abnormal was found. I’m grateful but also still at a loss for what’s going on. My doctor tells me to have fiber. Ok, cool. Thanks… I’ve also developed rosacea as well and somehow I feel it’s related to all of this.

          1. Pamela says:

            I just stumbled on this thread tonight. I am day 5 of my 10 day quarantine at home. I am miserable and wondering at what point do i just head to the ER. I just need a bed in the restroom. I am currently on deficile. CDiff is totally new to me. I have so many questions. When do I return to regular life? Why did y’all cancel my colonoscopy? When will my poop get regular? Will i have to stay out of population until the diarrhea stops? The liquid diet go soft foods finally. Then to the Brat diet, but how will it jack my stomach back up? After reading everyone else’s post, im grateful to still be here with a little strength. I do have pains, but they are better than before.

      3. Dave says:

        Found this site and I must say it’s made me feel better so thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences. At least that’s one positive. The negative is the toll it’s taken on my mental health. This disease constantly consumes my thoughts, sleep is my only salvation and a never ending sleep has sometimes felt like the best option but I won’t let it get the better of me and make me lower myself to such an act. The battle is constant and we shouldn’t falter. Stay strong everyone!

      4. Greta says:

        Can you take Prolia for osteoporosis if you have cdiff

  3. DEBRA says:

    Thanks for this! I was 4 months into the infection before diagnosis, even the gastro doc thought it was grief for my dog. Still deal with a stinging burning pain in my intestines and super sensitive to stress (that whole 2nd brain thing!), and frequently have a mantra on the way to the bathroom (please don’t let it be diahrea…). But the pain is the worst, keeping c diff front and center, a year and a half since being sick. Celebrating days of normal stool and no pain!

    1. Annette says:

      I became very ill this past Christmas, spent the weekend in the hospital and no diagnosis. It probably would have helped if they had tested the stool sample they asked for. In any event, another 10 days went by before I was finally diagnosed. Did my 1st round of Vancomycin and 1 week after completing it-back comes the Cdiff, Another heavy and lengthy dose of Vancomycin. I completed it and 2 days later cdiff returns which led to yet another longgggg tapering dose of Vancomycin. My last bout was in March. My bowels are still not normal. My stomach burns like I have an ulcer, I’m severely bloated all the time and my weight has increased. Cdiff is not something new, I do not understand doctors’ approaches to this at all. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings but your post about burning pain in your intestines made me thank God that it is not just all in my head.

      1. Candace says:

        The Vancomycin probably obliterated your gut microbiome. Your symptoms sound like pretty bad dysbiosis, like SIBO. You need to get on a program to heal the gi tract and replenish your good gut bacteria.

        1. Gail says:

          What program will heal the gut and replenish the

      2. Brittany says:

        Hi Candace! I saw that you mentioned in a previous comment about dysbiosis and Sibo. I have since tested negative multiple times for cdiff but my bm are nowhere near normal. I have constant nausea, body aches and what looks like white coating periodically on the tongue (Dr’s say it’s not thrush). I did not have these issues prior to cdiff and Vancomycin. Every specialist I have spoken with in Philadelphia Penn Medicine will not acknowledge Sibo or yeast as a possibility. I was put on anti anxiety medication instead. If you are still on this site I would appreciate any feedback if anyone has struggled with something similar.

        1. Jane says:


          I’m sorry for all of your suffering, along with the many of us afflicted with this monster. I’ve had c.dif twice, but don’t want to write my story here. Can you please tell me how you are doing now?
          Would love to exchange e-mails.
          Thank you.
          Jane Odell

      3. Nancy says:

        After 2 rounds of vancomycin the infectious disease MD put my husband on dificid which seems to have worked.

        But he now had chills and a sense of urgency and is in the bathroom all the time, so it’s back to the MD tomorrow.

        1. Mica says:

          I’m 52 and started getting sick mf Nov 2020. Wasn’t diagnosed with Cdiff until Jan 2021. No meds worked until finally mid March the last most expensive antibiotic finally worked. Now 6 months later I’m still have pelvic pain and bloating. Some days it’s worse than others. I have developed anxiety disorder and PTSD (so my doctor says). It’s been awful. I mean, I’m totally grateful to be alive bc I honestly thought I was dying. I got my appetite back and literally started eating everything in sight and have gained a few pounds. Do any of you have pelvic pain and bloating?

          1. Leah says:

            I got c diff first April 21 and then second time in may 21. It was from almost 2 months of straight antibiotics after surgery. Since may I have dealt with no sensation to have a bowel movement. Not sure if it’s a side effect of c dif or ms or a cut nerve. I have bloating and exhausted and small weight gain

          2. Christine says:

            I have been suffering from severe pelvic and hip pain for a couple of years now. Recently became very ill with all of the c diff symptoms then tested positive for c diff. Now I wonder if the pelvic and hip pains is related to c diff

          3. Linda says:

            Yes, it is most likely

          4. Valerie says:

            Hi, I just found this feed after researching. I have terrible pelvic pain with spasms and bloating. I have not been diagnosed with C. Diff but i suspect it. I am currently on 3 different antibiotics “in case (the mass found in the CT Scan) is an absess”. I’m going to get a probiotic for the antibiotics. Have you discovered anything since you posted?

        2. Tracy says:

          Hi Nancy, I had VERY SEVERE C Diff that came back twice. They put me on dificid too, but it still came back a month later. The LAST time I had it, they gave me an ant toxin that finally worked. This may help your husband to be rid of it once and for all.
          I still get some symptoms I think from the damage to the colon, but so far it has not come back after the antitoxin.

        3. Adele says:

          I got C- Diff from an anti- biotic for a root canal. The test ten wasn’t very accurate. So i had it for a few months. I recovered after taking Vancomyicine, I thought. Two years later I took the clean out for a colonoscopy & had a extreme reaction. After the colonoscopy I had rectal pain & couldn’t eat a normal diet for a year. I had a feeling like a golf ball in my rectum & burning feeling after sitting & having a BM. Looking back I think I never got fully recovered from the C-Dif. I was put on a Fentynal patch for pain, but I couldn’t sit for long. Ten years later told I had Pudendal Nueralgia. I’ve had 7 blocks to Alcocks canal & it didn’t briefly stop my pain. Now I can’t sit at all & spend my days lying down. Last few years told I test positive for SIBO- small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Looking back, I think the C-Diff is my problem. I’m on a low carbohydrate diet – FODMAP. It’s ruined my life. This started at 57 & now I’m 77. I tested negative to C-Diff, & told the test is totally accurate. I think I’ll get tested again.

      4. Lin says:

        I was diagnosed with C. Diff mid June 2021 by my Oncologist. I had bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer, followed by chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery. I was given large doses of clindymiacin post op and had a five day stay in the ICU after the second surgery in February 2021. I had diarrhea for a few months before I mentioned it to my oncologist, as diarrhea can be a side affect of chemo. I was put on vancomycin for 2 weeks. No improvement. Then another round of vancomycin for 4 weeks. Consulted with a gastroenterologist who gave me an 8 week tapered dose. Things cleared up, finally. But I still had abdominal pain, bloating and burping. Dr. said I am having IBS symptoms. I am now trying a gluten free, dairy free (except for kefir) diet. Also taking probiotics. Very frustrating that no one can figure all this out. Also angry I was given all that antibiotic. Especially when worn down from everything else. Thanks for listening

    2. Joleen says:

      I had c diff for ateast 7 months before it was diagnosed. There were 3 nights where I was sure I was going to die. It was the worst pain of my life. I was throwing up woth diahrea all day and night for months. Worse than food poisoning. It’s been gone since 3 months but I still feel so drained. I drink kefir daily and just stopped 3 days ago and my gut is bad again, lots of pain bloating and nausea. I just wanted to see if I could do fine without kefir. I was told it would take 6-24 months for my gut to heal. I have so much fear of everything I touch because I was unable to bleach everything like my clothes and couch etc.. I read that spores can live for years and I just want to do anything I can for this to never return. How do you deal with the fear of reinfecting with c.diff?
      I have such bad ptsd. Its shocking what an emotional state c diff has left me in. Its comforting to know that I am not alone. I would not be able to handle it if I got it again.

  4. Sandra says:

    I’m writing from Australia so my experience may be a bit different from others so please bear with me. I was diagnosed with C.diff. in December 2011 and was very unwell for almost all of 2012. I also had a bout in September 2014 after being given amoxycillin for a UTI, and again in September 2016 after having been prescribed Cephalexen for a UTI. I have had further problems with constant, watery diarrhoea but these have not been diagnosed as C.diff. At the moment I am reasonably well but dare not take suspect antibiotics for any reason now. I find I have to defend myself, particularly in the public hospital system, against being prescribed those antibiotics I know I can’t take. It’s a miserable condition and can be fatal.

    1. Angel says:

      I got hospitalized with cdiff when I was 19. Afterwards the pain, recovery, and inability to stand and do laborious activities forced me to quit my job. Now, I am doing better, but my pain tolerance for any and all types of pain has been reduced significantly. Before Cdiff, I walked on a fractured foot with no issue and could work through headaches, but after cdiff, even cracking my fingers occasionally causes twinges of pain and a simple stomachache or headache can be almost unbearable at times.

      1. Veronica says:

        Hi I had cdiff 2016 last night had explosive diarrhoea, almost fainting. These episodes are fairly frequent. I have ms and fb so am on antibiotics for it’s.

        1. Carol says:

          My prayers— I’ve had it with remissions at least 5 times. Since I have a basket of pain issues my whole life at top degree at 77 I’m on morphine which causes other issues. I drink wine to relieve PTSD from this and being abused. I don’t know how long life will be. So I empathize. Plus I can’t take antibiotics! Only vanco for CDiff which is 25,000 times more strong than others. What this all has done to my body! Steer clear of opiates when all doctors say I must take forever.
          My only solace is prayer and meditation and reading great spiritual works from the ancients till now, Christ included at top. I am an ordained minister retired sad my faith and teachings can’t help but it helps the mind and spirit. Hold onto those truths. When possible reach out to others for so many suffer in this country and globally. They need you and vice versa. But don’t overdo as I did. Blessings on you added to those you receive when you’re not aware. You are not alone…,,

          1. Norma says:

            I have MS and CDiff too. I, too lost sensation when a bowel movement needs to happen. Just wondering if you’ve resolved the not feeling it part as that is scary to me. Very embarrassing when out and about.

      2. Brittany says:

        I’d like to hear what kind of pain everyone is having specifically. For me I’m having muscle pain all over my body which started a week after cdiff. I have ruled out every other possible thing and my doctors don’t believe that cdiff can cause this. It’s mainly in my neck, upper arms, and thighs. I also get periodic shooting pain quickly in random places around my body mostly arms (not in abdomen).

        1. Carol says:

          It could be from vancomycin if used fir CDIFF. Fibromyalgia or other fascial disease. Find specialist. Stress from your trauma can definitely cause. Find mind and spirit techniques. Try Reiki. Acupuncture, water work, any souls, body cleanse. You’ll make it. If not in one way, another……

          1. Brittany says:

            Thank you so much for your response it’s appreciated. Although the vancomycin has definitely caused so many other issues for me including intense headaches in the back of the head (which I think are starting to get better 4 weeks after the antibiotic) the muscle aches started prior to Vanco. I notice it flares when my bowel movements are bad for whatever reason, like the intensity of it is up and down. I’m the only one I know with cdiff and also constipation. The infectious disease did mention Fibromyalgia so maybe that’s it. I think I have bad inflammation in my colon from all of this and it makes it hard to take the antibiotics without problems. I will definitely try the alternative therapies next ive been cleansing but I can’t seem to restore the gut enough.

        2. Anne says:

          Hey there Brittany, I’m sorry about your pain, on a positive note..after the horrible cdif experience was over I have had no pain whatsoever. Try swimming…its a God send for joint and muscle pain

        3. Annette says:

          Hi Brittany,

          My whole body aches but nothing I can’t handle. The worst for me is the burning of my stomach and the bloating. I just cannot seem to heal my stomach no matter what I do. I have been taking Floristor for 6 months per my gastro but i’m not sure it works.

          1. Brittany says:

            Hi Annette! I’m sorry you’re still having issues, have you tried the natural foods with probiotics, maybe that could help build the gut? And the body aches you’re the first person I’ve heard that has also experienced that. Did you have this prior to the infection, have any doctors suggested anything?

        4. Sharon says:

          Hi Brittany. I had cdiff for almost 5 weeks total. The 24/7 intense nausea was the worst for me bjt in week 3, I noticed all my muscles and joints hurt for about 5 days. I was thinking maybe I was low on magnesium or potassium. I could not eat much that whole time. My doc put me on metronidazole for 10 days. I never took the other med Vanco. It’s been a few weeks now post symptoms but Ike everyone else I’m afraid to get it again. My taste seems off to. I don’t enjoy the foods I used to.

          1. Tracy says:

            Hi Sharon, the c diff meds did that to my taste too, but it will get better once you are off the meds for awhile

        5. Jennifer says:

          Rolling pain in left arm?

    2. Lynn says:

      I had c-diff. I was in two hospitals because the one released me when I still had diarrhea pretty much full blown. Was in usa but still we have a lot of feseral problems in paying for hospitalization and so they want you out asap. I still have pain everywhere & not just a hip. I also have blurry vision and itching.

      1. Carol says:

        Blurring and itching could be liver related. Find board certified dr in pain meds issues

  5. Susan says:

    Hi. I contracted C. Diff. in 2014 and the method of infection was not known – I wasn’t near a hospital or medical center. The infection was declared gone by my doctors after a few rounds of antibiotics but the severe diarrhea and pain persisted for almost 3 years, until I had lost 50 pounds and my doctors wanted to put me in the hospital to insert a feeding tube (like that would’ve helped?). I said no, eventually the diarrhea abated and I was able to gain some weight back but I never recovered the ability to eat normally again. I still can’t without severe abdominal pain (but now suffer from alternating constipation and diarrhea). I just got over several months of a SIBO infection and for the past 6 months, my diet has pretty much consisted of elemental diet powder mixed in water, gluten-free toast, bananas and vegetable broth. I haven’t had fresh vegetables in 6 years (and I think I would trade a digit for a salad and a honey-crisp apple, which used to be my mainstays). I also battle fatigue, muscle aches and brain fog. After reading what patients are finding are the long-term effects of various viruses on their health, I’m beginning to understand that any severe infection in the body can be devastating in ways the health professionals just don’t understand. I hope you find your way through this.

    1. Patricia says:

      sweetie, im going thru the exact same thing, CDiff in 2019 following by SIBO in 2020, my diet is literally cardboard and water at this point and because of over 2 years of chronic, uncontrollable diarrhea my rectum has prolapsed and now im incontinent and looking a colostomy square in the face, this is a living hell, you never know what will trigger a attack and ive eliminated so much from my diet and look at someone just having a ham sandwich and sigh remembering those days, this frickin sucks

      1. Brenda says:

        I had rectal prolapse surgery almost 2 years ago. Doctor advised a colostomy, but I insisted on trying another option involving the placement of a “paddle.” Figured I could do the colostomy if it failed. So far, so good! By the way, I had c-diff 10 years ago. Went from 133 lbs to 100. Still no appetite or energy. I’ll be 74 next month.

      2. Harrison says:

        Vsl #3 probiotic allowed me to go from eating the basics to being able to go further. Red meat I still have to space out but it got me out of bed and eating again. I used the generic version for the past year and it didn’t seem any different. I knew within a week that it was doing something.
        Currently on the forums again due to a flair up.

    2. Monica says:

      I too have difficulty in eating food. I found a protein mix that is easier for me to digest. I also take Black seed oil daily as this was the only thing that worked in fighting the C.diff infection. All other medication I was allergic to. I lost over 35 lbs and still struggle to gain weight. I now am hesitant to follow medical advice due to the lack of knowledge and limited medical choices. I know my body and introduce foods slowly. I did begin a probiotic along with the BS ( cumin) oil which has been awesome for my symptoms.

      1. Linda says:

        How much black seed oil did you take each day? Did you do anything else?

  6. Kristi says:

    Hi there I had c- diff infection in May of 2019. It is December of 2020. My life is hard today. I am sick all the time my energy really never came back.

    1. Gary says:

      My wife is 27 months out. Still has no appetite and during the worst of it went from 138lbs to about 105. She barely eats and now has memory problems and brain fog. Has a rare decent day, but mostly feels like crap. We haven’t been very far from home for 2 years plus. She has had everything scoped that can be scoped. This is a terrible disease and I am so mad at the hospital see contacted it in. She went in for an ankle surgery and came out fine. 5 days later she’s in the Emergency and admitted with this horrible diagnosis. One DR. said it could last 3 years or come back again and we can start it all over again! She also previously diagnosed with IBS and Ulcerative Colitis. What a way to go through life and she caught it in a supposed sterile environment.

      1. Tracy says:

        Hi Gary. When I was in the hospital being treated for C Diff, I saw the nurses and orderlies ( who would change my bedding, clean up my messes on the floor, etc) leave the room wo properly protecting themselves. Ex; when they would leave the room, they should be taking off their protective gown first, then the gloves. Then wash their hands and exit the room. What I saw them do several times was takeoff the gloves first, then touch the protective gown to get it off, which re-contaminated their gloved hands. And because they had gloves on in the room before hand they thought their hands were properly protected so they didn’t wash them after! After they took the gloves off first then touch the contaminated gown! So then they would walk out the door which contaminated the door handle and whatever and whoever they touched after. So is a hospital supposed to be a sterile environment? Of course. But is it really? Not when the nurses and orderlies go aboutThings this way

    2. Sara says:

      My 84-year-old mother has been battling c-diff for three months now with two 10-day stays in the hospital and 5 visits to the ER. It started after eating at a popular Mexican fast food chain. I’ve been researching about diet since the hospital release instructions only stated to avoid caffeine and milk products. There are so many more food products to avoid right after an infection: raw veggies, sugar, insoluble fiber, and TREHALOSE. Trehalose is a food additive that is NOT listed as an ingredient on the label, but classified either as Natural Flavoring or under Added Sugar on the label. Cdif thrives on trehalose and has become epidemic since the introduction of this additive into our foods. This has been a difficult journey so far and I’m not encouraged by the struggles you all have shared here. But, thank you for your stories as I was beginning to feel that we were alone in dealing with this.

  7. Barb says:

    I had cdiff over 2 years ago. I think I picked it up from an assisted living facility my mom was living at. I had been on multiple antibiotics for a sinus and throat infection. 1 1/2 years ago I was given a fecal transplant. It worked until this past fall when I developed a UTI. I was put on antiobiotics and my cdiff returned. I contacted my infectious disease doctor and was in a blind study for a new drug. I still don’t know which drug I was given. It did not cure my cdiff recurrence. I was once again given a fecal transplant. This time I am having multiple, up to 15-20 bowel movements a day. I am feeling defeated. My doctor feels that it isn’t cdiff but is IBS brought on by the fecal transplant and now has me on a regimen of pepto bismal twice daily. Has anyone had this experience and can you give me any advice? I just want to feel good and be myself again.

    1. Grce says:

      Barb I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Prebiotics (fiber) and saccharomyces boulardii, probiotic are helpful managing the IBS (try others in conjunction when beginning probiotics. Please seek another doctor for Pepto is not the answer and can do more damage by keeping the overgrowth of bad bacteria in your gut, which can make IBS worse. I had c.diff on and off for years and was hospitalized for a week with it in 2017. My symptoms have all but gone away using a regime of these.

      1. Carol says:

        Absolutely re protocol— can harm. My final lasting treatment was IV of a biologic; they are the newest treatment for many things. Find an infectious disease dr who does this

        1. Adele says:

          Bloating is a sign of SIBO. Get a home breath test. SIBO can cause bloating , diarrhea or constipation & other digestive problems. Most people told they have IBS actually have SIBO. I have been working with a dietician who specializes in SIBO. You can contact me if you want to. My dietician works w people with SIBO & digestive issues.
          You can have a free short session.
          We skype.

    2. Kellie says:

      My name is Kellie, I’m 48 and I’m on my 4time of having C-Diff.
      In 4 months It gets more painful everytime. Have taken vancomycin. I have no insurance and need assistance on paying my bills for this. Any advice for me?

      1. Lynn says:

        You dint say where you live. If Usa. and income low enough, you can go in hospital on medicare/medicaide c/o cicoa. If elsewhere, I can only wish you luck. 4 minths is far too long for anything like this and id been dead without the oral vancomycin. Then my family. & IM past 75. Im better but still aged–from spry to feeling 90.

      2. Martha says:

        When I had c diff in 2015, I was on Obamacare. I think the stimulus that was just passed has money for more assistance for Obamacare if your income is low enough. Prior to Obamacare when I was self-employed, I got insurance through the Farm Bureau in our state (TN) so I could get an affordable group rate but the Obamacare was a much better policy. I had recurrent c diff for 4 months before getting a fecal transplant that Obamacare covered – it was done with a colonoscopy at the Univ. of Chicago. I initiated it myself after another relapse and my local GI doctor getting confused. To reduce costs initially re to vancomycin, I got liquid vancomycin from a compounding pharmacy which was $200 for a 14 day supply as opposed to $1,500 for the pills (no insurance coverage involved). Recently (January 2021) I was able to apply for and receive free coverage for rifaximin that I got from the drug company to treat SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), ordered by a new GI dr. Normally after c diff the last thing I would take would be an antibiotic but the first time I took it for SIBO (2017) my tinnitus stopped immediately and on day 8 the generalized muscle pain I’d had for years went away. SIBO came back because it often does and I didn’t know the right diet.
        You may be able to beat the c diff you’re dealing now with more rounds of vancomycin – may try intermittent dosing. If not fecal transplant has been successful. My fecal transplant at the Univ of Chicago was sourced from Openbiome which you can check out on the internet. I hope you get well soon. You can beat this thing and recover your strength and vitality. Be blessed.

        1. Brittany says:

          Hi Martha. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the body pain that you were having and if this started after your cdiff? I am experiencing so much aching pain that started a week after my diagnosed but all my doctors disregard it. I am at a loss of what to do next. Most of my pain is in my upper body.

      3. Fernando says:

        Speak to a social worker at the hospital out your medication

      4. Bobbie says:

        Hi Kellie I had this 6 times 3 years ago. I stayed a week at a time in the hospital in five different months. Im poor also. The social worker at the hospital helped me get 100%financial assistance for all hospital services. I contacted United Way and they paid for my Vancomycin all six times. I found a clinical trial on the internet for the fecal transplant about 2 hours from my home. They actually paid me! And then the miracle happened. They contacted Merck Pharmaceutical on my behalf. They have a program to give drugs to poor people. It was only 1 year approved when I got an infusion of something called Zinplava. It took one hour and changed my life! I haven’t had c diff since. It doesn’t actually cure c diff. It binds the c diff toxins that wreck havoc in your body. When I tell you it’s a miracle, it’s a miracle drug. I have not had a single problem since. Completely recovered! Beg your doctor to check into this for you. I thought I was going to die and now it’s just a bad memory. Everything is completely normal again and I am healthy. It’s not a well know drug, so you may have some work to do to convince your doctor. And it’s very expensive – $15,000 for the one time treatment! But if you find a doctor who will take the time to advocate for you, Merck will donate it to you! I know first hand exactly what you’re going through and it’s horrible. But, if you can get Zenplava, your battle with c diff should be completely over! Good luck to you sweetie. I will pray you get the help you need❣

      5. Crisi says:

        No ideas there but I was treated 9 months and ended up on rifampin and vancomycin after traveling 2 hrs To the center for infectious disease. I got this in 2011 after a surgery and 10 years later I keep having autoimmune diseases found, inflammation is killing me. I didn’t go to the hospital when I had it. Vancomycin had been approved to be dispensed. I had a rumbly stomach like the flu and passed nothing but blood. NO stool and no warning. NOW 10 years later I feel like that is part of my issues. I don’t sleep, can’t think, spine issues so my pain level is high and now I suffer mental illness. I pass mucus instead of stool to this day (not always). I just dk if I can keep waiting on all these specialists. I was going to a big good hospital 4 hrs away but my dads last visit showed cancer. Lots of inflammation, can’t think, can’t remember, cry alot. SI joints have arthritis and I have ddd..I just NEED to feel better and human

    3. Rebecca says:

      I suffered from cdiff Oct. 2010—Jan. 2011. I was hospitalized a month. Three weeks in one hospital, then I was transferred to another hospital bc they found a mass on my gall bladder. There, I underwent gall bladder surgery (the old fashioned kind). The mass was benign, but I still went home with cdiff (was given a negative test result before leaving). Family doctor wanted me to test when I got home, and it came back positive. So I had to go back on a second vancomycin try. This time it worked. I’ve not had pain issues, but my bowels have never been the same. I suffer from constipation, so I have to eat right and use Mirolax. However, whenever I take any antibiotic, my doctor has me double up on my daily probiotics while on antibiotics. I cannot say enough about taking probiotics and keeping your gut healthy. I was 57 when this all happened . It’s been 10 years.

    4. cindy says:

      there are things to take for UTI you get at a health food store. They work. olive leaf extract, buchu, & cranberry. works for me, I don’t want to ever take an antibiotic again.

  8. Shannon says:

    Hi, I am curious if anyone can help point me in the right direction of some literature to read. My 6 year old son came down with CDIFF after an ear infection treated with an antibiotic. The anitibiotic caused CDIFF and a hospital stay. Then he had a reoccurance and the increased dosage of the cdiff antibiotic caused serum sickness and Erythema Multiforme another hospital stay. we are looking at a 3rd occurance now BUT symptoms are all over the place. Since he has serum sickness he has joint pain that comes and goes. But his breath stinks and his body stinks. His poop did stink like cdiff but now doesnt. He had mucasy BM but now normal. His fevers were high but now normal. He still has a smell to him and a different color. He is playing. NO one knows does he have cdiff or something else. Any guidance will help. email

    1. Marina says:

      I dont have any literature to read as i am still searching for a good book myself but i do have some knowledge to help you. I got cdiff about 9 months ago and am in recovery but it only was when i made some serious changes in my diet. Everyone says to eat the brat diet for diarrhea but that is BAD advice. I have found that five things need to be avoided at all costs:
      1. SUGAR- this is what feeds this bacteria more than anything, and it is in EVERYTHING. Start taking the time to check out what products you buy have sugar and cut them out completely. Easuer said than done, i am a major sweet tooth. Start looking into things you dont expect to have sugar that you think may be okay like, bread, white rice, and certain vegetables like some squash, almond milk, ect. I seriously cannot hound this one enough, only when i stopped all sugar intake and made myself very aware of it did i start to see a real turnaround.
      2. Gluten- gluten is an irritant to the gut and feeds the cdiff, many people who have cdiff find themselves to be gluten intolerant for a while after cdiff. Sometimes for the rest of their lives. So try finding gluten free/sugar+seed free breads.
      3. Dairy- this is a tricky one because there are many probiotics that are helpful to fighting cdiff in things like yogurt and kifir (always double check they are sugar free and have actual living cultures in them) but many people cannot tolerate even those. I find that one glass of kifir is my savior when it comes to nausea. Other than those twoi completely avoid all other dairy, i promise it will help. Also cut the products that have dairy in them. My dairy rule is, if it doesnt have beneficial bacteria it is not worth the risk.
      4. Cruciferous/raw veggies- take some time to look into what is considered cruciferous, things like brocolli and kale. Uncooked veggies are just way too hard for those shredded intestines to digest and end up doing more damage than good im afraid. I find that a good way to get greens is to blend them, kale is still risky but i find that spinach in smoothies and soup are excellent alternatives. Also look into what veggies have soluble fiber, the ones that change form when boiled and cooked (potatoes). Also foods that are low in lectins (wtf is a lectin? Im still unsure but i understand it is any natural defense that veggies, fruits, seeds have against insects.) So no seeds, less grains, and only yellow and colorful potatoes. I reccomend doing some research. For me the easiest thing i do is just peel all my vegetables before cooking and try to take out all seeds.
      5. Spicy and acidic food- this one is kind of obvious but just something to keep in mind. Dont dare try kimche without caution, it fucked me up for days and kept me in bed for a whole day after eating it.

      I also reccomend keeping a food and symptoms journal, i just keep mine in the kitchen and it has helped me more that i can tell. I can now look back two days and see what may have messed me up so it can be avoided in the future. Digestion can take up to 50 hours, it might be different for kids, but it still helps remember everything.

      This is overwhelming, and i totally understand if your like, “well what can my kid even eat?!”. Trust me there is yummy options still. Try miso broth with gluten and sugar free rice noodles, gf/sugar free toast, eggs are great for protien, smoothies are the best way to get greens, and gf/sugar free crackers are a tasty treat (i get the ones from simple mills). I also cook a ton of celery, colorful potatoes, soaked cashews blended into sauces (might be a great option for “mac&cheese”) just make sure to soak them overnight, it starts the germination process and that tends to eliminate the effects of the lectins. I hope this all helps and that your kiddo starts to get better. Stay strong! Oh and definitely invest in some hospital grade clorox wipes, and use heavily lathered soap and water on surfaces that wont allow the wipes.

      1. Jennifer says:

        Thank you for sharing all this info. I am trying to help my husband who’s had it 2x currently in the hospital

      2. Megan says:

        Thank you so much for sharing. We have been trying for so long to figure out what is causing these lasting effects, at least now I have a better idea on what he should be eating. This is great info!

      3. Gwen says:

        This person truly knows what they are talking about. I did all this back when I had it and that’s when I finally started to turn the corner to healing. You also should also drink a glass of miso everyday forever to prevent reinvention. Do not boil, that kills the good bacteria!!

    2. Lynn says:

      Different color? How? Not yellow ? Because Id see a specialist if he is. Im elderly and I had a good family physician.
      Read about it online. I did in anyway I could think of . It may give you some ideas. Ask about your child and the symptoms and his age and how long. Anyway good luck. C-diff. is worse than COVID at least to me.

  9. shannon says:

    Anyone take DIFICID or Fidaxomycin?

    1. Mindi says:

      Yep four rounds and no help. After months on it as well as all the other medications prior I was given a stool transplant. It gave instant relief. So I thought. Five years later I have horrible abd pain, constipation and or diarrhea, weight gain, and muscle spasms.

      I only had one round of antibiotics due to an emergency c section- so that’s where they think I
      Might have gotten it.. was asked to be in a study since I was so young and bc nothing would clear it prior to the transplant…. just wish I was back to my normal self.

    2. Jennifer says:

      Yes Shannon I have taken both, fidaxomycin is cheaper it’s been on the market a while and has a generic version I took it and it did work for about two years, on my fourth reoccurrence it didn’t work Dr prescribed DIFICID (very expensive) it worked, for about a month. I’ve had this current bout for 3 months now. I’am feeling pretty tough about it I wish you hope and some peace that this too will pass.

    3. cindy smith says:

      I took vancomcin twice and c diff came back, so then 10 days on DIFICID. Week later c diff was back. Now starting another round of DIFICID. No body said anything about what to eat or NOT to eat. Glad I found this page, I will start eating differently & see if that helps. Makes sense !!!
      Dealing with C diff was awful, just never had a thought that food would be part of it. WOW !

  10. Tony Llewellyn says:

    I was recently discharged from hospital after a 5 week stay while being treated for C Diff. During my stay I also suffered a heart attack.
    I had diarrhea for a few months before showing up at emergency, I was put through a battery of tests including blood and stool tests where they found nothing wrong, they gave me a script for
    ANTIBIOTICS and sent me home. Five weeks later symptoms got worse until I was going to the toilet every hour. I went back to emergency and again went through a CT scan and tests and they admitted me, the next day I was told that I had The worst case of C Diff they’d seen, the Drs. We’re gravely concerned and a surgeon was standing by, concerned that i May need a colostomy. I was treated with antibiotics by IV, mouth and rectally every six hours, it was not a pleasant experience, my output started to show signs of bulking up, then I had the heart attack which lead to an angiogram showing a 100% blocked artery. I’m now in the hands of a cardiologist and I have a telephone appointment next week. My stool is firmer and apart from low energy and pain in my left thigh, I’m feeling much better, I’m hoping that I will continue to improve.

  11. Mary Lee says:

    Thank you for your stories, I’m sorry for your pain.I was diagnosed in Oct 2019….finally “cured” by May 2020 with vancomycin. I developed it after emer.bowel resection and rehab stay. I can’t get over the left hip/right thigh pain…..thought it was arthritis! I have ptsd too. You have helped me be stronger.

    1. Carol says:

      PTSD causes so much. I have it. This isn’t the Mary Lee who grew up and lives in Cincinnati? If so you’re my cousin!

  12. Terria says:

    I had cdiff a few years ago. Things have not been right with me since. Pain in my muscles. My left arm gets a pain so bad that I have to lift it straight up and wait for the muscles pain to stop. I can’t use it from time to time. It feels stuck. My left leg got to where I couldn’t walk. I had to drag it with my left arm stuck unable to move it. Back pain. Muscle pain all over. Still to this day I notice when I get dehydrated it’s worse. Have pains in both my thighs and legs often. Hands also. My hands cramp so bad sometimes I can barely move them. I have to try and hold them straight out so the muscles stop cramping. I had to take every antibiotic they had. There was only three that would work. I also got the iv infusion. Sometimes I feel as if I have it still but nothing like it was. Thank God. I’m lucky b alive. The stress from it was u horrible. Like the first comment. I was and am the same. It’s an awful feeling when u stress on using the bathroom and having to wipe everything down. Worried if I wiped everything down properly so no one else In The house got it. Worried about touching everything. Crying depressed and just overwhelmed with it. Brain fog still. Consumed my hole life. Worried if I may get it again. I knew something was wrong. I prayed God please help them figure out what is wrong with me. When the hospital called back the doctor asked me if I was in a place to talk. I needed a pin and paper. What I had was so un common. Not much was non about it. If I had been in a nursing home or worked in one. I’ll be looking forward to reading more comments on ppl that have found out more of the lasting side affects. I just wonder now if what I’m going through has anything to do with having cdiff. My immune is still low. Going through some test in a few days. Maybe this may have something to do with my thyroid nodules swollen in my neck. I’ll keep u all posted if I able. To all those u have and been through this God bless u all in Jesus Christ name amen

    1. Sara says:

      Did you ever find out what is causing the pain? I’ve been in pain for two years and still don’t have an answer as to why..

  13. Angel says:

    I got hospitalized with cdiff when I was 19. Afterwards the pain, recovery, and inability to stand and do laborious activities forced me to quit my job. Now, I am doing better, but my pain tolerance for any and all types of pain has been reduced significantly. Before Cdiff, I walked on a fractured foot with no issue and could work through headaches, but after cdiff, even cracking my fingers occasionally causes twinges of pain and a simple stomachache or headache can be almost unbearable at times.

  14. Jemma says:

    I have read through all the letters and my heart breaks for all of you. I’m am 72 years old and have chronic kidney disease stage 4 ( filtration rate only 26%) I contracted c diff 3 months ago after an UTI antibiotics, became allergic after the first antibiotic, but the 2nd one helped. The c diff was back after 2 weeks, more treatment. Since then no matter what I eat, I become severely flatulent with the uncontrollable passing of foul smelling gas. I’ve read about getting hold of gluten/sugar/seed free bread and will try the vegetables and potatoes mashed. If anybody have any more suggestions I would appreciate it very much.

  15. Darrell says:

    OMG! I feel so bad for everyone here… My prayers will go out for all of you.

    Today is April 4, 2021.
    It’s 1:12 am; and I’m unable to sleep.
    Because, right now at this very moment, my wife is in the hospital, fighting for her life. She’s so weak and so tired. She’s feeling like she’s a burden on the medical staff that are cleaning her 10+ times a day, because of the runny, watery stoll that just seems to pour out of her rectum.
    It’s the stool that another contributor wrote about, being like snot with little bits of fecal matter, like snot water.

    1 week ago my wife began experiencing diarrhea – the same as described above.
    At home, before the hospitalization, she was running to the bathroom 20 times a day, hoping that she made it. It was so bad that she kept a spare pair of panties near the toilet.
    She began wearing a maxipad over her rectum, in case she didn’t get to the toilet in time.
    But wait… let me go back…
    Back so many years, that I honestly can’t remember? I have been married to the most wonderful woman for 20 years now and she has always had gas. Not your normal run of the mill gas, oh no. I’m talking about gas so bad that it could clear out a rock concert. It was/is the most noxious smell that you can imagine. Along with that smell was usually diarrhea…
    But not always?
    And, now, after reading these personal affirmations regarding C. diff, I can go back in time, thinking that my wife may have been carrying C.diff all these years. And, until last week, it hadn’t really flared up, showing its ugly self.

    Please, allow me to go back, back to the flatulence that had its own special smell. It wasn’t that normal poop loaded fragrance that a person could tell, “Somebody just farted. No, it was a fart, loaded for bear, having the poop smell, but mixed up in rotting garbage debris, almost like old rotting meat on a hot day.

    My wife laid down on the bed, next to me, and I watched her fighting for 2, maybe 3 days. Up, down, up, down, constantly. C.diff was kicking her ass, literally.
    It wasn’t until her body temperature hit 102.4 that I drove her to the hospital.

    She was weak, could barely walk and dehydration had set in. She hadn’t eaten anything for 2 days and each time she went to the bathroom, there wasn’t anything except for the tablespoon of runny snot.

    Her lower stomach was rock hard and her back ached severely.
    Her legs hurt too, being jittery with the majority of the pain behind her knees.
    Cold wash clothes were her only relief. Applying cold clothes on her face and forehead, placing them behind her knees and I would massage her thighs and calfs.

    While at the E. R. she had an explosive release again. Of course that caused her embarrassment. I’m sure she felt shame too.
    The staff was wonderful though, putting her at ease and letting her know that she was safe, in good hands and that they were going to take care of her.

    The E. R. doctor ordered another CT Scan*, (she had a CT Scan just 5 days prior at another facility because of the abdominal pain. The other doctor said that it was muscle cramping and ordered Amoxicillin. The doctor called us 3 days later and had her stop the Antibiotics, saying that they wouldn’t help her situation, that she just had to ride it out and that it may take 4 or 5 days before she felt better).

    I was even able to pull up the CT Scan results and show them to the E. R. Doctor.

    (Smart phones do have practical use after all).

    He read the report and that’s when he immediately ordered the other CT Scan.
    Along with the CT Scan was the blood draw, 6 vials, for testing.

    Within the hour he returned with her results: “Cdiff”.

    C-what? What’s this C-diff, I asked? He rambled off a bunch of medical terms that made no sense to me, except that my wife would be admitted to the hospital and she might be there for up to a week!

    My Wife’s body was shutting down. Her blood pressure was so high, 158/85. Temperature at 102.7, (she was 4.1° above normal temperature).
    Her Potassium levels barely made the chart and dehydration was severe.
    She would bounce from having Chills to being so Hot that she would toss away her purple, Comfort, blanket. (All ladies have one, it might not be purple, but they have their favorite throw).

    I sat next to her, sometimes holding her hand, other times rubbing her leg or her arm; anything just to sooth her.

    And now, right now at this very moment, I am not allowed to visit my wife.

    They say that she is infectious and I could catch this C diff if I’m near her.

    What is this ugly thing?
    How did she end up getting it, and I didn’t?
    We eat the same things…
    We do the same things…
    We sleep side by side…
    We kiss, 3 times, every single night, just before we go to sleep… (I miss her kisses)…

    I’m afraid;
    And, if I’m afraid? What must she be experiencing?

    I’m reading all of these stories…
    Stories about “After C diff”.

    I just want my wife back.
    We’ll deal with the after, once I can hold her again.

    It’s like, if I envelop her into my arms, nothing will get her, ever again.
    But, I know that isn’t the case.

    I’m trying, right now and before she comes home, to scour the house, wiping down everything, throwing out sheets, blankets. . . Anything that I feel may have C diff on it.
    Oh, and our nightly treats of Orange Cupcakes – Gone!

    Where did she pick this up?
    Or, had she been carrying it all these years? And, that small 3 day run, on the Amoxicillin, kick off the battle that she’s waging right now?

    We don’t know?
    At this point, I’m just worried about her surviving this.

    There has been a few bright moments over the past 36 hours.

    Her temperature has come down to 99° and she was able to get out of the bed, once, making it to the Chair Potty that is sitting next to her hospital bed.

    They’re giving her a cocktail of antibiotics, through the IV.
    They’re giving her an antibiotic that has to be drank.
    They’re giving her Morphin for the pain.
    And, they’re giving her anti vomit medication for her tummy.

    It’s usually right after they give her the anti-vomit and Morphin meds, that she calls me. That’s when she feels her best. (It’s gotta be that Morphin?)

    And, she has been able to hold down some liquid broth that is chicken flavor, along with Popsicles and Jello.

    If anyone has any advice, having gone through this horrible experience, please reach out to me.

    I’m Darrell…
    My wife is Tammy…
    Is how you can reach me.

    By the way, did I mention that I’m disabled and she was my caretaker… Now, I’m home, alone and trying to do for myself. Being a Pulmonary patient myself, on high flow oxygen, my strength and stamina are really low.
    If I’m careful, move slowly and have a spot to sit down and recover, I’m fine.

    We both just had our 1st Injections for COVID-19. Our 2nd Injections are set up for the 17th of April.

    I hope Tammy is standing by my side on the 17th. . .

    Thank you all for listening, because if you read my entire blog, you listened.


    Darrell and Tammy

    1. Virginia says:

      Thinking of you and your life. I am a C-Diff, I won’t use the word survived. I am bloated like a watermelon. And I suffer from constipation instead of diahria. Miserable after five years.

      1. Brittany says:

        Virginia I am also constipated with cdiff. You still have this 5 years later?

        1. Corey says:

          Hey Brittany and Virginia, I also have C Diff with constipation, it’s been 6 weeks of hell, severe abdominal pain on left and right side, low back ache on fire and now a numb spot under my left rib. I never had diarrhea like most people on here, didn’t get it from antibiotics either and it’s been hard to find any information about patients like us. I’m a 38 year old female and I’m so frustrated at life now, I was just wondering how you both are doing and what it’s been like for you and how long you’ve been going thru it. Thanks for any extra information you could give. My best to you all.

          1. carrie says:

            I had the same thing C-Diff with constipation i didn’t know i had it for 2 months after 2 rounds of antibiotics from sever sinus infections, migraine treatment. i gained 20 lbs, several test ran 6 CT scans, gastric emptying study, Hida scan, several visits to the ER with severe abdominal pain, pelvic floor dysfunction with rectal tension, now my esophagus valves (upper and lower) are now not functioning lower valve won’t even close anymore. on numerous medication to help with muscle spasms, pain, not to mention the horrific heart burn. 7 months of hell. i have one specialist that still hasn’t given up on me and still keeps trying to find what helps. My heart goes out to all of you in here hearing all these stories and just not the same life after having this horrible disease.

          2. Ashley says:

            Hi Corey, it’s terrible to say it’s nice to see someone else who doesn’t know how they got this! I got sick in Oct of 2019, doctor thought I had a virus. No matter what I ate-it went through me. For me, my BM were more so based on what I ate. The pain in my stomach was not, pain in my sides, the bloating-sometimes to where I couldn’t even talk. Covid hit so everything shut down. Finally got diagnosed in Nov of 2021 but never heard of cdiff. Doctor couldn’t believe it b/c I had never been on antibiotics nor in the hospital or a nursing home or anything. Then I felt so dirty and disgusting b/c they said I got it from someone else’s feces that I ingested somehow. I’m an extremely clean person and that made me want to vomit. After the initial shock wore off, started on vanco which made me extremely sick. Didn’t work so then had dificid. Finally cleared, had colonoscopy and endoscopy. All good. Been pretty good for about a year-few diarrhea issues but nothing crazy, no smell. About 5-6 weeks ago it started again, the stomach insane gurgling, smell, explosive diarrhea, pain-all of it. Doctor ran extensive tests, all negative. Have been tested twice for cdiff in this time frame both negative. But I’m getting worse and have lost almost 10lbs in a month. I don’t know what to do but all signs scare the crap out of me because it screams cdiff. any suggestions or ideas are welcomed

          3. Lisa says:

            Hi Ashley, did you find out what it was? My daughter caught it with no antibiotics too.

      2. Greta says:

        I had a cdiff nightmare 10 months ago. Thanks to Vancouver and Florostor I am almost normal. I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis. They want to give me Prolia. Anybody out there with advice

    2. Darrell says:

      “Tammy’s Home”.
      Yes, Tammy was released from the Hospital on 04/13/2021.

      I was able to pick her up and bring her home.

      She’s getting better every day.
      She starting to have firm stool and eating regularly. Although her diet has changed forever.

      I’m just happy to have my wife back. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that she doesn’t have a relapse! I hope it’s enough.

      I’ll write more, later. I’ll update you on her diet and the medication that she was prescribed by her physician.

      Hopefully the information I provided will help a lot of people who are suffering from Cdiff.

      Thank you for listening.

      If anyone is interested in her diet or prescription, before I post it?
      Just reach out to me, to us.


      Darrell & “Tammy”
      (She’s Home)

      1. Maureen says:

        Can take her some time to get her full weight and memories I am 10 months in and when I talk to people I literally have to say sorry it’s almost early dementia or pregnancy brain because I can’t remember words in the middle of a sentance I’m getting better so she will too keep an eye on her physical health

      2. Annette says:

        Glad to hear that Tammy is home and doing better. I would love to know more about her diet /prescription if you would share?

      3. Monica says:

        I would love to know what helped your wife. This cdif is the scariest. Thank you so much. God bless you for helping ❤️

    3. Carol says:

      It is acquired in hospital that didn’t know to Clorox everything including floors. Now more are doing and isolating CDIFF patients. It comes from antibiotics. Yes you are fortunate. And a great spouse. Listen to these survivors or victims. And be still my soul by any means. My love and prayers while I’ll too.

  16. Tina says:

    Darrell and Tammy, hi…I am SO SORRY to hear of your bout w/c-diff..I had it about 3&a half years ago. I developed it after seeing a ENT specialist for my sinus and deviated septum problems. He put me on ( even though he said that I DIDN’T have an infection) 2- 10 day courses of antibiotics, that was the beginnings of 2018(?) ,by the time that I started the 2nd round, I was unable to drink water or hold down any food!! I had never heard of c-diff and had no idea what was going on. My neighbors took me to the ER, they did an abdominal scan finding that my appendix was the size of a grapefruit, they didn’t run any other tests…the Surgeon did an emergency appended. After the surgery and my complaint that I didn’t feel any better and my symptoms were getting worse, the doctor ordered a stool test, only to find out that I had c-diff and she was furious that she had operated on me with such a horrible infection ( just opening me up it could have killed me by entering my abdomen cavity). I stayed only a few days, she ordered me the oral c-diff medication and sent me home…4-5 days later, my neighbor called to check on me and help me take care of my animals ( Thank God she had a key). I guess that when she called, I was not making any sense. She came over and found me to be barely responsive, called her husband to come help her with me, they put sweats and shoes on me, then rushed me back to the ER. The only thing that I can eem is the intake person asking for my insurance, then I they say that I flatlined! I remember person over me when they revived me. I was in for nearly 2 and a half months. I was constantly on IV fluids,food and a variety of other meds. They gave me IVs of some kind of anti-nausea stuff, one night about 5 weeks in, I began vomiting and continued to do so for 9 hours!! I would love to tell you that you will get your wife back as she was prior to this invidious disease…but be prepared for her to not be herself. I am not yet, if I ever will be the same. I still have little energy, I still get nauseated, have problems with my bowels, have problems eating…I had that c-diff taste and smell in my head, I guess for a solid two years!! I still can not get it out of my memory. I have begun to eat better, but nothing seems to taste the same, I don’t know if it’s physocosematic or actually an aftereffects of the disease. But, I found other’s on a Facebook site that too were dealing with the effects and after-effects of the disease. I am alone, so I checked it out…my suggestion is for you to read other people’s comments and not to have your wife read the posts. I found a lot of them to be kinda discouraging. I hope that your wife fairs better in her aftermath of the disease than I have. I also am not gaining the weight back that I had lost, I have gained some, but only about 15 pounds or so over this amount of time. I still have about 25-30 pounds to be at “optimal” weight as my doctors say. Their contention being that “IF” I were to get sick again, I wouldn’t have enough weight on me to survive. There can be various long lasting effects from this disease and it doesn’t seem that anyone ( doctors, articles and patients alike) that has any idea of just what they possibly could be. I don’t want to give you a dismal outlook, I am just trying to tell you to read EVERYTHING that you can find or possibly any or all things to pay AT&T to and be aware of. I am certain that the more that YOU can find out, the better prepared you will be to not only understand what sge is going through, but HOW to best help her to get better and through the on going after-effects. I wish y’all only the best. Just try getting all of the information pre and post c-diff, to help her recovery go smoothly.

  17. Macayla says:

    Hi all! I am hoping to get some advice from people who have had c diff. I am a 20 year old female and relatively healthy. I had my wisdom teeth removed at the start of march. A week later I was extremely sick. After 3 days of horrible symptoms, I went into an urgent care. The doctor there immediately recognized this as c diff and told me to go straight to the ER. my lab test came back positive for c diff. I did 10 days of vancomycin. Since then I still feel so sick. I had lab work done again last month and it came back negative. But my symptoms are still present. My GI is not helping, he tells me to take zofran and this stomach cramping medicine (hyoscyamine). It is just such a burden. I have lost so much weight and I just do not know what to do. Does anyone have advice? or what seems to help?

    1. Lilly says:


      My name is Lilly, I’m a 20 year old college student who is still trying to recover from cdiff that landed me in the hospital over break for 4days, I’ve come back to the university and haven’t been able to put on any weight or have any motivation or energy. I think we should connect in some way Macayla. I have yet to talk to anyone who has cdiff let alone find someone who is my age! Id love to know how you’re doing and how you pushed through, praying for you and sending good vibes. This shit sucks 😓

      1. Erica says:

        Hi Lilly! I hope you see this comment. How are you now? Did you suffer from recurrence? I am also in my 20s and have just got diagnosed with my first cdiff infection. I’m worried about what is to come. I’m hoping my young age and generally in good health will be on my side.

  18. Terry says:

    Thanks for this information. This is such an overwhelming disease. It’s good to find people who know what you are experiencing.

  19. Jan says:

    The ONLY thing that cured my C. difficile was a specific probiotic yeast supplement, Saccharomyces boulardii. NONE of the antibiotics prescribed helped or stopped the awful diarrhea. Within 3 days of taking the Saccharomyces boulardii, the diarrhea stopped. By the end of a week, all symptoms disappeared. I was retested for C. difficle 2 weeks after taking Sacchromyces and I tested negative! I continued taking the supplement for 6 weeks and I’ve had no lingering side effects. Just to be sure I’ll take a 2 week dose of Saccharomyces 2-3 times a year and ‘insurance’. It’s been 7 years since I got C. diff. after my gall bladder ruptured and my surgeon panicked putting my on IV antibiotics and then sending me home with powerful oral antibiotics that caused the C. diff. that exists in everybody’s intestines naturally, to grow uncontrollably because all the antibiotics that were prescribed killed off the good bacteria in my gut that keep the C. diff. under control. I haven’t had any recurrence of symptoms or any long term side effects. Google it!

    1. teresa says:

      The probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, saved me. I had re-occurring cdiff from being in hospital Jan 2020 with flu, pneumonia and sepsis, was on IV antibiotics for 7 days went home felt fine for 3 days then took an ambulance ride to ER, was near septic shock or in shock. They did treat me well in ER with IV abx for septic shock and admitted to hospital, only to be told take imodium and go home. Good thing I did not listen and instead i call my PC that day and she put me on Flagyl 10 days NO (did not work) and then I went to ER and started liquid Vancomycin and then went to U of M and was treated by infectious disease specialist in hospital and he said continue Vanco 14 days NO. then he said we will switch up doses and tapper to 20 days NO, then he said 1 does of Vanco daily and that worked but after a few days, it had been 2 months of abx, I said I am going off Vanco and taking probiotic – Saccharomyces boulardii, YES, It worked. I was also offered FMT becasue I had the recocuuring Cdiff and due to pandemic was a one year hold and just had my procedure June 11th. The only good thing about my story is I might have this information to offer, by my expereince. One of my clients today told me he got cdiff from an abscessed tooth and I sent him a photo of the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii ingredients and a photo of the box I saved of the generic Vancomycin to give him for one abx choice, that’s more affordable. I never had the pain but had the hurricane effect that kept me in bathroom, fever, chills, dehydration and rigors for hours. No pains, I did develop SIBO but looks like the FMT can help with thatb as well. I have perfect intestimal health my entire life until this happened but I am hoping the FNT will get me closer to where I was, I also had PTSD or similar from this. It a terrifying disease.

      1. Jane says:

        Did you use the brand Florastor for your probiotic? Any details appreciated.
        I’ve had c.dif twice, treated with vancomycin, and on tapered Vanco currently.
        Thank you.

  20. Marie says:

    Oh my I am quite shocked reading these comments,I myself had cdiff 18 months ago after strong combination of antibiotics to treat spinal infection which I had been hospitalized with,I was at home when the cdiff started thought it was just a bug but wouldn’t shift so stool was tested and was positive, I wasn’t given treatment for it as docs said it might do worse damage because of the previous treatment I’d had for my spine so had to wait it out ,it did clear thank goodness but readIng this everything has cLicked no energy aching bOdy weight gain but I force myself to eat now I’m just not me anymore could cdiff be the cause ??I hope you are all managing and keeping as well as possible love from Scotland x

  21. Cheryl says:

    I have been suffering these same symptoms since my bout of C-diff except instead of diarrhea, I suffer severe constipation to the point where I’m constantly getting impacted. I even use Miralax, suppositories, changed my diet, everything under the sun. Nothing works.

  22. Maureen says:

    I am soooo happy to find this! I was starting to think I was insane I’ll be in the middle of a sentence and can’t remember a word doctors did not catch mine for months until I asked for Imodium second time I was in the hospital then they finally tested me that was back in August January I was back in the ICU because I still had the critters that’s what I call them at least I don’t feel by myself!

  23. Terry Gregory says:

    I too suffer with the after affects of C didd. I have pain in my right hip. I am exhausted all the time. I have no appetite. I s÷ my doctor but I am always dismissed. They act as though I am crazy. After C diff was diagnosed as negative, I still had huge stools. I was told to take immodium. That was not helpful. Before finding this group,I felt lost and alone. I am not crazy there are real things I am experiencing. Yank you for allowing me to vent.

    1. Laura says:

      Was diagnosed with c diff In November 2022 after taking Clindamycin for cellulitis in my left eye. No one warned me about how this particular antibiotic is high risk for c diff. Anyway, I’ve done 2 rounds of Vancomycin, first time 4 pills a day for 10 days. C diff came back 5 days later after being off of meds. 2nd round of Vancomycin was 4 pills a day for 14 days. Currently 6 days post meds. Stomach is starting to hurt and had a bowel movement during the day, which I don’t usually do. Makes me so nervous that this is the start of c diff again. Decided to go gluten free during this time to help my gut heal, taking 3 250mg of Florastor a day and eating Activia daily. My bowel movements are solid, but nothing like they were before all of this. I seem to have stomach aches through out the day, no matter what I eat. If it does come back, I already told my primary doctor that I want to be put on Dificid. Has Dificid worked for anyone? I just want to feel normal again, which at this point, I don’t think that’ll ever happen.

      1. R says:

        Hi Laura,
        I think I may be experiencing what you have been going through, after taking Clindamycin in Nov., and not knowing the consequences. Did take a lot of Floradtor during and foil r a month after antibiotic, but stopped when I began feeling the left side pain. Now I’m not sure if that was a mistake too. Am awaiting stool sample results submitted yesterday. Feeling awful…symptoms began a month after stopping Clindamycin. Left side discomfort/pain. Loose to formed stools, but never bad diarrhea. CT didn’t show anything, so I’m guessing it will be Cdiff. Terrified at what’s to come. Was in great health before antibiotic with no stomach issues. I’m an emotional wreck right now.

  24. Ann says:

    I developed C Diff 5 years ago after a tooth abysses and 2 types of antibiotics.
    It took weeks to discover and the treatment was worse than the disease.
    I have not had recurring attacks but it changed my life.
    I was a vegetarian prior to C Diff but told to cut out dairy to aid recovery and cannot take any dairy now.
    If I eat out chances are I will have to rush to the loo an hour later as even vegan food seems to be loaded with fat.
    My stools are small but this is normal for me and in addition to a normal daily bowel movement I usually have two additional diharrea visits.
    I used to think this couldn’t be due to C Diff but reading your blog has helped me to understand.

    1. Ann says:

      my details should read two diahrrea visits per month.

  25. Anne says:

    Dificid is the new antibiotic designed recently for C. difficile infections. It targets this microbe more specifically and does not damage the rest of the intestinal flora as much. My doctors went through flagyl, then vancomycin treatments for 3.5 months before I finally convinced them to prescribe dificid. They were ready to sign me up for the fecal transplant but I refused without trying dificid first. Ten days of this antibiotic plus daily intake of Lifeway kefir got rid of C. diff immediately. They weren’t prescribing the dificid because many insurance companies don’t cover it yet. Mine did. The Lifeway brand of kefir has L. reuterii in it which secretes compounds that inhibit C. diff germination from spores. I found a clinical trial where they added this to improved outcome. Definitely woth trying. The sooner C. diff is knocked out, the less intestinal damage will occur.

  26. KM says:

    This forum/website is a godsend. I had no idea about others C diff experiences. This is very eye opening for me.

    I got C diff at 21 in 2016 and was put in the ICU for sepsis by the time it was diagnosed.I had digestive pain for 2-3 months prior to the C Diff hospitalization but doctors said it was most likely GERD; looking back i had the infection for a long time but it wasn’t caught. I was drinking 4-5 cups of herbal digestive tea a day to be able to keep food down.

    the day leading to ICU hospitalization I was so sick – no bowel changes at all , but I had horrible HORRIBLE gnawing stomach ache with this feeling of my “skin crawling.” It was awful. I kept calling the doctor that day to no avail. In the middle of the night I started vomiting profusely, my heart was racing at 150bpm, and when I got the hospital they said my temperature was 105 F. That was when the signature c diff diarrhea started.

    I was in the hospital for a week with IV vancomycin but it relapsed a few days after stopping and I was then put on flagyl and more oral vancomycin.. It went into remission after a month but I have NEVER recovered from it and still struggle with major digestive issues amongst other problems. To top it off, I was also put on prednisone at the time for a mild lupus flare, and the conjunction of prednisone and antibiotics most likely killed ANY good bacteria left in my gut after the devastating c-diff infection. I see a lot of comments from others with post C-diff symptoms that I also have — random shooting pains, muscle spasms, headaches in the back of head and temples, insomnia, skin/acne problems (my skin has never been, i had perfect skin prior to c diff developed very bad rosacea after it and it’s never gotten better).

    In 2017 (a year post c-diff), I went plant based vegan (lots of baked vegetable, potatoes, grains and tofu, fresh pressed juices and smoothies). It actually helped but the first 3 months of transition were truly brutal and my gas/bowels were TOXIC smelling. Still I can no longer tolerate any of the foods I ate prior to cdiff like dairy, alcohol, gluten etc. I haven’t eaten meat in 5+ years. Had bad experiences with refrigerated probiotics causing yeast infections etc but finally found a good brand that works(called “SEED”).

    5 years alter I still have IBS but mostly know my triggers. Honestly I thought most of these symptoms were lupus related or something, but after reading this website, tis’ clear to me that the majority of my problems are C-DIFF RELATED. I’ve had lupus for 10 years prior to the C-diff but never experienced these symptoms until the infection.

    C Diff is a such a difficult and devastating infection, it’s crazy how SO little people know about it.

    1. Rebecca says:

      Oh my God.
      Thank you all for sharing here.
      I have felt so crazy and have been seriously contemplating not furthering my existence like this.
      I live in a rural area. Our local hospital is horrid.
      Its been 9 months since my symptoms started. I wasn’t tested for cdiff until two months ago.
      The first course of Vanco did help. After about 3 weeks it came back and this time it hurts worse.
      I haven’t been able to think properly for about a year.
      I drop things constantly.
      My right thigh goes numb and feels wet. It messes with my ability to drive and walk.
      I thought I was developing Lupus or ms or something. The whole time it was cdiff.
      I am 27 years old. And I am afraid to go anywhere. I have soiled my car. My bed. It is so embarrassing and my kids don’t understand why I’m so sick all of the time.
      This blog has shown me that I need to get to the mayo clinic, immediately. Im taking the 2 hour drive there. I pray I can have a scan or something done, as I think I’m dead inside. Its no longer just watery stool
      Its like. Dead flesh.

  27. Jean says:

    I am a renal transplant recipient, I was hospitalized 3 times after transplant with acute UTI and C Diff.
    They decreased one of my immunosuppressant sent me home with 3 weeks of Vancomycin (tapered dose) . That seemed to take care of the c Diff. Reading this makes me realize I have residual effects like the unexplained pain in my right hip, I keep saying it feels like nerve damage . I also have left thigh pain once in a while for what seems to be no reason. And for the past month I have been constipated, so they gave me Colace. I eat well balanced meals, includes fruit and veggies. I also drink 64-80 plus ounces of water daily. I ride bike and walk daily. I have found when I “clean out “., The hip pain decreases and the lower back becomes just stiff and heat helps movement. I found this blog because I was beginning to connect the dots and google is a great search place. I always report to my doctors both transplant, medical and nephrologist and no one can give me reasons. They say “ can be your immunosuppressants and have an X-ray. So my research has two explanations 1. The c Diff has caused residual effects or 2. They left a clamp on way to long catching a nerve during surgery. BTW I had the original transplant surgery and then went in for repair 12 days later. It was a rough 3 months with 6 admissions.
    Doing very well now…

  28. Lilly says:

    Hello, my name is Lilly and I’m 20 years old. I’m in college, and ever since I can remember getting my period, I’ve been in and out of doctors offices with abdominal pain, that’s completely unexplainable by every doctor I’ve seen and even was sent by an obgyn year ago to get an ultrasound sound for my “menstrual cramps” to find nothing while being constantly dismissed. Mind you, I’ve never had any type of physical exam and still haven’t had any exams of that matter just the ultrasound that was expensive and found absolutely nothing. I begin my comment with this, because my c-diff infection that landed me in the emergency room with a total 4 day stay, was the cause of my abdominal cramping. Which yes this time, I thought I was going to die, and remember knowing it was worse than my period cramps that have made me faint. I thought they were going to tell me I had a cyst of some sort versus this complete unknown that I guess colonized in my body without me even knowing. I haven’t been to gain any of the weight I lost, and I’m Not sure really how to think or live anymore, I’ve completely lost myself and I feel like I’m going to just die at any point. I never could follow up with a gastro doc after this happened just back in December, so the unknown as well as utter shock has been horrifying. I would love to join a support group or something of the sorts like this, your post made me calm because someone finally related but made me sob with agony because this is my truth and reality now as well. Thank you so much.

  29. Carl says:

    Hello to All,
    C-Diff is a mother…I caught it in June 2013 from a hernia surgery from being blasted with antibiotics…long story short…6 months of begging for help they finally tested me and said I had C-Diff..wth is nurse said Mr. Wolff your meds are called in and I’m not going to go into it..So as I Googled it..all I did was cry otw to get my meds. I can’t remember what it was but it tasted like drinking metallic paint..yikes…but at last I knew what I had and I wasn’t crazy! Today is February 21,2022 and I feel I still fight certain body issues to this day. I am 60 yrs old now and two years ago had quadruple open heart bypass surgery that went great. Heart disease runs in my family and I didn’t experience any symptoms but discussed it with my doctor and we did some test n bamm surgery…that went great..
    Thank you God!! But my issue is I constantly live with ear infections….I never had any ear issues as a child….only after C-Diff. As I write this I have both ears with tubes and one has fluid in it with a low grade fever. Does anyone else experience “ear infections”? Every time I ask my Doctor, my ENT they don’t know why…but I always ask about having C-Diff in the past..every friggin year I deal with ear infections n here n there yeast infections..its almost 9 years later and I feel this is tied to C-Diff. Let me be very clear…I feel for everyone that has dealt with this ungodly disease…its like taboo if you say the I consider myself a lucky one but I’m at wits end with these ear infections. There messing with my head/life. Maybe I’m just venting here because at least “We” all have experience so many issues with C-Diff!! Being a single man also no one wants to hear you…that’s ok…
    Now I know “it’s ok not to be ok”! Anyone with any suggestions I would much appreciate your words…. Thank you for your time and I Truly wish everyone success with this miserable disease called C-Diff!! cew3rd FB/SC/USA!!

  30. Shashi says:

    I didn’t know where to post this as I don’t see a general bulletin board with topics….so here goes! I was diagnosed with C-Diff in 2012, 1.5 years after a minor gyn surgery. For that period, I had recurring diarrhea but no correct ID by the gastros. After my PC doc sent me one day to the ER, I finally had an anwswer. Was put on Vancomycin and, luckily, it pretty much cleared up the severe problem. But since then — it’s been 10 years — my gut/bowels have been, shall we say, different. And the weird thing is that since the C-Diff, I’ve also had bouts of sinusitis (with insomnia + depression I never had before). Prior to the diagnosis, I would call this constellation of symptoms “my syndrome.” Does anyone else have sinus issues they never had before C-Diff? The ENTs don’t seem to have an answer (typical for sinusitis, I realize)…but I’m trying to do my own detective work and maybe connect some dots. I’d say I feel like crap, but it’s not a funny joke here. Or maybe it is? LOL. Thanks, all…so happy to have clicked into this website. In solidarity!

  31. LJ says:

    I got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago after having my fifth bout of C diff in 3 years which started after a surgery and antibiotics, even though I’ve been paranoid clean. Each time it gets worse. I’m so thankful to find you because I’m feeling ready to give up hope. A gastro doctor was supposed to call me over 5 hours ago for a telephone appointment but he never did. My PC wanted me to be seen sooner than they could get me in the office so he was going to call and I made an appointment for that today at 4. It’s now after 9. I found this site while I was sitting here waiting for the phone call.
    I’ve been treated with several things and was doing ok for a year until I got my 1st senior flu shot the end of Oct and the diarrhea started soon after. I figured it was a reaction and would go away but then I had a minor eye surgery and was put on antibiotic eye drops and it got worse. I called my gastro dr and they couldn’t see me until I got a colonoscopy (Dec 28th) because I was due. 2 months later I got it done and all **** broke loose after. It wouldn’t stop. I called and was given colestipol 2xs a day and lomotil 2- 4 x day. I was finally tested for c diff after asking for months since I’d had it before. He kept saying it wasn’t that. Didn’t even do any tests except for cancer during the scope even with my history and my chronic diarrhea. Finally got a test after repeatedly asking. It was positive so I was put on vanco. This time it started to work then quit. On the 5th day it became worse. I’m told just take the colestipol, lomotil and put me on a longer tapered dose and dr would call me. I waited 2 weeks. He never called. I got sicker and had a fever so went to the ER. I tested positive, was told I now had sepsis, probably from taking the lomotil, was very dehydrated so was admitted. I asked for another dr and for my old dr not to be notified. I fired him. After consulting with an infectious disease dr the on call dr put me on dificid and after 5 days I finally started doing somewhat better. But it never completely stopped. I found that the hospital didn’t have any food I could safely eat so was so hungry. It was all processed garbage and not healthy. I was able to get some crackers and had a baked potato brought in. I was told to eat yogurt but they had no dairy free, they had 1 vitamin drink I had to have orders to get. But I could have the dairy kind. No unprocessed food even the eggs. I found by doing an elimination diet that processed foods and dairy make it worse for me.
    The nurses were nice but too busy to get me my meds on time. And one tried to give me colestipol for the diarrhea at the same time as my dificid which can interfere with the didicid working. One time I didn’t make it to the bathroom they had a cleaner come in and smear it around with a mop, she then pushed the mop out onto the hall floor, did not use the proper protocol for a body fluid spill. (I’m a retired dental assistant, a massage therapist & phlobotomist so know the protocol. What can I say I like learning and until this planned to continue.) Not one nurse or dr. washed their hands when leaving or coming in and they were also caring for covid patients. Just a small squirt of sanitizer which doesn’t kill c diff. They did wear their gloves and gowns. I fear they spread c diff everywhere.
    I was barely able to get to the bathroom so was given diapers that didn’t work because they were unisex so basically a waistband with a hanging pad. It shot out the sides. It was a frightening experience to have to depend on this place for my medical care. Except for bringing me pills I cared for myself. My bedding was never changed. No pad was placed under me. I had to ask repeatedly if I needed something. They had me write on a board each time I went to the bathroom since I was going every 10 minutes and they wouldn’t come in after telling me I had to notify them before getting up. I couldn’t wait. The room was very run down. This is the biggest and supposedly the best hospital in town. I’ve seen 2 drs in town who did nothing to help, denied it was even a possibility. I’d had a great dr the last time I had it but she suddenly quit the practice. I can’t find a gastro dr who seems to know how to treat it now. I’ve still had explosive watery diarrhea so went to my PC. She said I needed seen immediately but I couldn’t get an appointment for 6 weeks even with her referral for urgent care at the new gastro office. My PC set this phone call up saying that was too long, I needed seen right away and ordered another test. Just found out it was negative today but I still have symptoms. The dr didn’t call. I’m so weak I can’t do much but
    I keep trying. It’s scary because I’m 69 and live all alone. I was a single mother raising and caring for my now adult aspbergers daughter myself until 2 years ago. I was strong, muscular, did my own home repairs including trimming trees, gardening, replacing boards on my decks, building fences all myself because I don’t have much money now I’m retired so I learned how on you tube. Now I can barely vacuum do laundry or dishes. My place is a disaster. I’ve lost a lot of weight and muscle tone. I’m losing hope because of the poor medical care here in Id.
    I’m eating dairy free yogurt taking saccharomyces boulardii proiotic 2xs a day plus taking
    a strong probitic 1x a day. I’m determined to get the gut balance back. Gastro Drs have never said anything about doing it. It’s starting to slow down so I’m hoping it’s working. But I’m still so exhausted and weak. I found a dairy free vitamin drink.
    It’s sad to know so many others are going through this. I read all the posts before posting. Spring is my busiest time getting my garden planted, weeds sprayed etc. I have over 1/3 acre so a lot to keep up. I depend on what I grow and freeze for food.
    My house payments are low, rent is too high to sell and move to a smaller place. Until this I could keep it up.
    I’ll pray for all of you as my heart breaks to hear all your stories. Population is exploding here but we’re not getting drs. I’ve considered going on a road trip to another state with a teaching hospital and going to the ER there. It’s kind-of hard with this problem though. Has anyone ever done that to get help? I’m not sure what to do. Medical care just isn’t the same now.
    Sorry I went on so long but it feels so good to get it out. Hugs

  32. Patty says:

    I have found this blog interesting and soul feeding. I had c diff exactly 16 years ago and managed to avoid antibiotics for those 16 years.
    This past February 2022 I developed cellulitis under both eyes after a surgical procedure was mismanaged. Exactly 1 week to the day after finishing the antibiotics for the cellulitis I developed symptoms of c diff.
    I am 2 days away from completely a 2 week round of Vancomycin combined with probiotics ( did you know you should take probiotics 3 hrs post or pre antibiotics for best results? Antibiotics can kills the probiotics if taken together.) and am already nervous about a reoccurrence.
    My last round of c diff, 16 yrs ago, required 6 months of various antibiotics and 1 surgery.
    Thanks for providing a forum to share fears, concerns and ideas among folks who ‘get it’.
    Peace and good health to you all.

  33. Amy says:

    Hello all!
    I am so glad I found this blog!
    I got c diff at the same time as testing positive for the flu, about 2 weeks ago. I got over the flu in a short time after taking Tamiflu.
    Then, c diff reared its ugly head. I weighed 192 pounds, now 180. I don’t mind that part, but I am feeling so weak.
    I had explosive diarrhea and no appetite with a burning stomach when I first came down with c diff; always holding my belly made my husband worry. I went to the ER for it twice, dehydrated and vitals all over the place. (I even could not give a urine sample without pooing!) The first time was my diagnosis based on stool sample. (I don’t know about y’all but the smell still lingers in my nose and canned cat food actually makes me gag!) We bought a Glade air freshener for the bathroom which helped rid the smell)
    Luckily, my husband did not get it! We have separate bathrooms and beds anyway.
    Anyway, after 5 days of flagyll which exacerbated symptoms, I went back to the ER.
    Finally, they put me on dificid (thank God for insurance) which seemed to be working. For the first time in 2 weeks, I felt alive. Now, my belly is hurting again, my appetite is still not there and I eat small meals every several hours.
    I really hope it’s not returning….
    I am supposed to return to work this Friday, 4 days from now.
    ANY advice will help me.

    1. LJ says:

      Hi Amy,
      I hope you are doing better by now. I’ve had it for 6 months because the gastro dr refused to believe it was c diff. Kept saying it was just IBS. Just gave me colestipol and lomotil 4 xs a day and said to wait for colonoscopy appointment in 2 months. When it was done I still wasn’t tested for it even though it was in my chart I’d had it before. (My dr left so new dr) Finally diagnosed was given vanco which made it worse. After calls to dr I was given more vanco to do a tapered dose and told to continue it, the colestipol and the lomotol I became very ill and had a fever so went to ER where I was diagnosed with sepsis and admitted for 5 days and put on didcid. After released I wasn’t getting better and still no call back from dr for weeks and months out to get into a new dr. I went to ER again where I still tested positive but was not notified of it. I became afraid that this might kill me. A month later still suffering with the explosive diarrhea and losing over 20 lbs now I saw my PCP. She put me back on dificid again and yesterday, day 5, I’m finally finding some relief and wanting to eat. I have taken probiotics, saccharomyces boulardii and eaten dairy free yogurt 2xs a day and drinking a lot of water but I’m still somewhat dehydrated. It’s about all I could force myself to eat. I too have been extremely weak and still have abdominal pain. So weak I fell getting into the tub. Thankfully I didn’t break anything. I understand it can take a while to get strength back. I’ve borrowed a walker to be more careful. I’ve also lost a lot of muscle tone. C diff seems to be really hard on the body. If you read my prior post you’ll see I was very active before now its hard to hold my phone very long. I do hope you feel better. If it doesn’t improve please don’t wait like I did. Find someone who’ll listen to you. I now have huge hospital bills because I waited. Thank heaven for my PCP.
      I’m sending hugs and hope your way.

      1. Jason S. says:

        It’s a very rough road for anyone having to deal with C. Diff. I became very sick May 2021 for 3 days. I though I had covid. I ended up calling an ambulance after the third day of peeing blood the color of cranberry juice. Apon my visit I found I had an upper respiratory infection, UTI, kidney stones and a inguinal hernia. They put me on antibiotics for the UTI and made me a follow up with a urologist and a surgeon. The surgeon put me on another course of antibiotics prior to my surgery. That was when I started to develop the diarrhea and nausea. On my first follow up after my surgery I told him about the diarrhea and nausea, he put me on a 3rd course of antibiotics. Diarrhea continues. After 5 follow ups and 6 er visits to several different ERs and being prescribed several more courses of antibiotics I finally found a dr 8 months later to do a colonoscopy where he found I had C. Diff. I did the whole vancomycin 3 courses and even the difficid twice. He also had me on colestipol and another one after it didnt help. Nothing worked and the antibiotics made the diarrhea worse. After 13 months into having C diff I decided to call a friend of mine that has dedicated the last 15 years of his life studying natural oils and their healing properties. He did some research and called me back the next day with a possible remedy to killing off the c diff. He gave me a mix of 5 different oils which I took in capsules 3 times a day along with a capsule of olive oil and a double encapsulated probiotic every day for 2 weeks. So far I’ve been negative of the c. Diff but am dealing with the aftermath of the damage done. I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, erosion to my colon and intestines, my body hurts every day from the year of malabsorption and possible malnutrition I had for over a year. I’m now seeking out new drs that can determine all of the damages done from it. Ive read malnourishment for a long period of time can cause fractures in bones along with many othe long term side effects. I’m seeking out a new urologists, orthopedic and rhuemotologist. Good luck to anyone reading this. There is always hope. Stay positive

    2. Jane says:

      Hi Amy, did c diff return after taking dificid? I’m 3 weeks out and feeling this same way.

  34. Chip says:

    I had C-diff for about a year and a half before the dr’s figured out what was going on, I took antibiotics three times, that didn’t work😐, I ended up having to undergo my third colonoscopy with a transplant to rid of the C-diff, I lost my job because of all of this due too medical condition. This was a year and a half ago, four days ago I had my forth colonoscopy because I am still having a lot of issues with my bowels, they discovered that I have no muscle tone in my anus and that my colon is always moving, there is no way I can go back too work like this, I have filed for disability about a year and four months ago but nothing from them yet🙄.
    This really needs more education on the dr’s side because most dr’s I have seen, including specialists that have told me that I had a blockage and needed too do a seven day inamu 😳( I didn’t do it), thank God!!
    I will post this wherever I possibly can for awareness

  35. Christine says:

    In January of 2022, I had abdominal pain and a fever. I went to the E.R. where I was diagnosed with diverticulitis via a CT Scan. I was given a prescription for metronidazole 125mg capsules 4 times a day and Cipro for the diverticulitis.

    I went off the antibiotics and a few weeks later had severe diarrhea and a fever. I went to my doctor. She saw me and said, “you’ll need to get a stool sample”. I called a couple of days later, with the diarrhea persisting and asked about the sample. She said, “oh, you need to go to the lab”. So, I get to the lab and they give me three tests. I have to say, that when your in a bathroom at the lab, they are not at all planning for the fact that people in that bathroom might have Cdiff . There was nowhere to navigate the testing kits and try to keep things from contaminating the environment. I mentioned this to them…not sure if they even listened.

    Anyway, my stool sample came back positive for cdiff. They also did a PCR test to determine if I had Cdiff Toxin A or Cdiff Toxin B. It’s important to know which one you have. I ended up with toxin B.

    What is C. diff toxin A and B?
    C. diff is a spore-forming, Gram-positive anaerobic bacillus that produces two exotoxins: toxin A and toxin B. It is a common cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) and accounts for 15 to 25% of all episodes of AAD.

    I tell you this to say that treatment is out there specifically for those that have toxin B.

    My first treatment was vancomycin. I did the treatment regimen, only to have a recurrence of cdiff. They are calling this rCdiff. (reoccuring cdiff)

    So, back on the vancomycin using step therapy. 2 weeks of 4 caps a day, followed by 2 weeks of 3 times a day, followed by two weeks of two times a day.

    Went off the vanco and 8 days later woke up with abdominal pain and a fever. Finally, after 3 days, back to the E.R. for 3 liters of normal saline.

    Because I had toxin B, I was given the following injection that I had to get at an infusion center:

    A therapy, known as bezlotoxumab (Zinplava), is a human antibody against the C. difficile toxin B and has been shown to reduce the risk of recurrent C. difficile infection in those at a high risk of recurrence.

    This is a biotech drug that’s infused over an hour. I had no side effects.

    I then went on Dificid. 20 tablets were $5,000. Make sure you have a referral to an Infectious Disease doctor, because he/she will be able to to do an over-ride (medically necessary), which cost $36.00 in co-pay. the prescription was for 5 tablets 2 times a day for 5 days, and then 1 tablet every other day until finished. I am on my last week.

    I also got a G.I. consult. After the Dificid, I go in for a colonoscopy to rule out any other issues.

    My Infectious Disease doc explained it this way:

    1. The vancomycin treats the Cdiff at a cellular level.
    2. The Zinplava is a microbiome that attacks the Toxin B
    3. The Dificid attacks the cdiff proteins

    SO, here’s hoping that this turns out well.

    I’ll try and do an update.

    P.S. I am a nurse.

    1. R says:

      Hi Christine,
      Any updates on your treatment?
      I think I may be experiencing what you have been going through, after taking Clindamycin in Nov., and not knowing the consequences. Did take a lot of Floradtor during and for a month after antibiotic, but stopped when I began feeling left side pain. Now I’m not sure if that was a mistake too. Am awaiting stool sample results submitted yesterday. Feeling awful…symptoms began a month after stopping Clindamycin. Left side discomfort/pain. Loose to formed stools, but never bad diarrhea. CT didn’t show anything, so I’m guessing it will be Cdiff. Terrified at what’s to come. Was in great health before antibiotic with no stomach issues. I’m an emotional wreck right now.

  36. Jeannie says:

    I took Clindamycin for an eye infection. They didn’t warn me that it could lead to c.diff, no paperwork when I let urgent care, etc. We were in the process of lying off 45 people and I thought the diarrhea was alm stress. Then, I started pooping a jelly like substance and blood. Turn out it was the lining of my colon. I ended up hospitalized for hypokalemia (low potassium) heart attack range, colitis, sepsis, and c.diff. I have PTSD, major anxiety, constant pain/ cramping, headaches, and all the things mentioned in these posts. I was in the hospital for four days and should have stayed longer. They sent me home with 8 weeks of Vancomycin, probiotics, protonix, prenatal vitamins, B12, and so much more. After 3 weeks of 250mg of Vanco 4x’s a day, no improvement so they switched me to Dificid for 10 days. That lasted until 27 hours after my last dose and relapse. They put me on another round of Dificid. This time 3 days and a relapse. I’ve finally gotten into see an ID doc and he put me on 500 mg of Vanco and another round of Dificid, infusion of Zinplava and waiting to hear about FMT. I feel hopeless. There’s so much more involved because I work in urgent Care and my work treated me for the eye infection (incorrectly). No discharge instructions, wrong antibiotic, etc. don’t know if I should sue my employer or what to do next. I’ve been off work for 9 weeks. Life will never be the same.

  37. ubiqitusniverse says:

    Detoxify with ginger hot water and cayenne. Mid day whole garlic gloves softened by boiling 1 minute. Never take pill antibiotics. Only liquid, only mix with non dairy milk like flaxmilk, and always drink mid day warm to extrawarm water with fresh ginger shredded in it and at least 3 glasses until well. Focus on probiotic kefir and get used to things like slow cooked habanero and you will be done with your illness. Do not ingest any processed sugars or soda. If you need bread eat flat tea no coffee w cream sugar. Sexual pleasure creates systemic refocusing of gut health to ramp up for life. Be relentlessly anti-stress. Assert self care. Research naturalist antibiotic antibacterial a n d NO TOMATO.

  38. Jeffrey says:

    I’m really glad I read these comments. I’m 2weeks into recovery of my 1st infection but my shoulders, upper back, and hips are severely hurting and can’t figure out why. Any ideas?

  39. Mary says:

    I have been diagnosed with c diff on the 24th of October and started Vancouver. It seemed to be working but one day after my last dose I started with the pain and diahrrea again. Now I am on Sufi if I am on my fourth day. My diahrea is real yellow and still pretty watery. I am freaking out. How long does it take to get rid of the diahrea after starting dificid. I’m scared it’s something else.

    1. Mary says:

      It’s suppose to be Vanco and dificid

  40. Judy says:

    Grateful to have found this blog.

    I have been Sick for a over a year not knowing what was wrong with me. Finally i have a name for it “c diff”.

    My sisters were in agreement that I had made myself sick from stress and I was crazy because of the stress. Both were in medical field so I relied heavily on their opinions. I live alone and far from their help.
    I am on my 4th day of vancomycin. I feel some what better but so weak and so frightened. I have lost over 30 pounds and eating makes me cry.
    My fears are:
    did I was my hands enough?
    when can I go in public safely?
    did I disinfect my house enough?
    when can I have visitors in my home?
    will I ever feel like I don’t have the plaque ?
    will I ever be happy and healthy again?

    This blog (although breaks my heart) has helped to see I am not alone in my fight. I have no support from my GI doctor. Not sure if I should get a infectious disease doctor involved with my treatment. The only advice I had from my G.I. doctor was to bleach my toilet and wash my hands and take my vancomycin for 10 days. I asked if I should have a dietitian involved to help the answer was no. I asked if I should be retested to see if we wiped out the c diff the answer was no. I asked if the G.I. needed to see me again and the answer was no.

    Any and all advice/help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Judy

  41. Greta says:

    Does anyone take Prolia for osteoporosis and have a history of cdiff. Please give me advice

  42. Lisa says:

    My dear friends.. can I call you friends? I feel like we are all going through this horrible thing together… I’ve had several bouts with C Diff.. the first one being several years ago after taking an antibiotic for strep throat.. then when that one didn’t work they switched it to penicillin.. which wiped out my biome.. After a couple of rounds of metronizole then vancomycin I finally shook it.. then a few years later I got a UTI and had to take an antibiotic.. the C Diff came back.. Vancomycin again.. I think it came back again.. I found a probiotic (Codeage Digestion SBO Probiotic) this has 100 billion cfu per serving.. My Dr told me to take he said up to 800 billion a day.. (I’m not recommending anyone else to do this.. this is just what I did).. and they worked… I got rid of it… Now a few months ago another UTI.. another round of Bactum and this time vanco at the same time… I still ended up getting the C Diff (I did not know it was C Diff because I just didn’t think I could get it because I was taking the vanco at the same time).. I went to the ER after suffering for about 5 to 6 weeks.. sure enough. C Diff…. On Saturday I finished my 2 weeks of vanco.. I have been downing the probiotics only this time I’ve added Pure brand Saccharomyces boulardii 20-30 million a day along with the SBO probiotics (which have the S Boulardii and some other strains in it also) along with Berberine Complex (which binds the toxins and flushes them out)…

    I am praying all of these natural supplements work and this doesn’t flare back up on me.. Appointment with the GI Dr on Feb 6th to discuss FMT if it flares back up..

    Oh I am also taking 2000 mg D Mannose (1/2 tablespoon) powder in about 8 – 10 oz of water every morning to keep UTI from coming back (this binds the bad stuff and flushes it out in your urine)

    Again these are the things I’m doing.. you should make sure to check with your own Dr to make sure everything is ok for you individually..

    God Bless you all and I am praying for each and every one of you.. And myself..

  43. CaM says:

    I’m glad I found this site even though the comments are heartbreaking. I see that so many people with C-diff are having the same issues I am. I’ve had so many people including my primary Dr, bosses, and friends not believing me on how terrible I feel on a daily basis. People think you’re making it up, it’s all in your mind about how bad you feel and exhausted you feel. The nausea and rushing to the bathroom multiple times every morning, the severe stomach pain/cramping, lightheadedness, feeling so tired you can wake up and struggling to get a shower in the morning so you can go to work. Just feeling like crap everyday. I’ve experienced racing heart while doing nothing, the pain in my left hip & thigh and pain in my right thigh which I just figured it was the arthritis and other skeletal issues I have (spine and sciatica pain, along with other issues).

    A month ago I went to a Gastroenterologist to get some tests done hoping to get some answers because everything is getting worse as I get older. I am a 64 yr old female, I have been having “stomach/bathroom issues” since I was around 20 yrs old. Explosive diarrhea unusually 15 min or so after eating, or if not diarrhea it’s loose/soft stool, or just not being able to control having a bowel movement immediately. Didn’t matter what I ate, except some foods made it worse than others. 40 yrs ago I had upper and lower GI test, ultrasounds, found nothing wrong, so Dr back then said it was “food sensitivities”. So what, I’m sensitive to everything I eat?

    So the Gastroenterologist I saw a month ago sent me for a series of tests; tested negative for Celiac, negative for SIBO, I did test positive for C-diff but Negative Toxins. So I guess I have had C-diff at some point but not sure when this could have been since diarrhea / loose stool has been a daily thing with me for years (I take 2-3 Imodium every day just to try to keep it under some control and that doesn’t always work). I will be starting on the generic Vancomycin for 10 days, hopefully it will clear things up so I can then get a colonoscopy to see if I have Colitis (Dr thinks I have).

    I will also have to change my diet, and try to eat better, I’m also a diabetic so that also makes you not feel well (but I’m not good at following a diabetic diet). So diet changes and getting on probiotics I think might help (hopefully).

    It’s scary to think you have some answers but this is something that will be with you for the rest of your life.
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Prayers for everyone out there that is suffering from this terrible medical issue.

  44. Taylor says:

    Hi all! I was dx with Cdiff 1.22.23 and was discharged this past monday, so 8 days in the hospital. I’m 31, don’t overtake antibiotics, and not even sure how I acquired this. But after almost 2 weeks on being on Vancomycin now things are getting worse at a ridiculous rate. So I guess my question is what is the general aftermath look like versus it’s coming back with a vengeance? I’m on Zofran for the nausea so I’m grateful I haven’t been puking but the fevers, diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating, lower back pain are beyond what I went in for originally. I went to the ER last time for uncontrollable diarrhea…any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, Ive also followed a very strict diet plus doing probiotics, kefiur, and kombucha. Thanks yall!