If you or a loved one has a CDI and needs help, please visit our In Your State page for local healthcare providers, clinical trials, advocates and other resources.

Disease Information & Support

DIFICID (fidaxomicin)


Network pharmacies can help support patients prescribed DIFICID. Patient support features include: Information and assistance regarding access to therapy (including benefits investigation and reimbursement requirements), Product availability, Next-day delivery of medications, Disease-related educational materials for patients, and 24-hour patient counseling services. For more information, please visit: https://www.merckconnect.com/dificid/pharmacy-network.html

Additionally, there is a savings coupon offered to many commercially insured patients which can be accessed via this link: https://www.activatethecard.com/7398/#

Clostridium difficile: A Patient’s Guide

Written by a Chris O’Neal, a CDI survivor and caregiver (when his wife had a CDI), and his gastroenterologist, this book is an excellent guide for lay people to understand CDIs, treatment and life after the infection. Get it here: C. diff: A Patient’s Guide by Christopher M. O’Neal, PhD and Raf Rizk, MD.

Patient Brochures

Download our “What You Need to Know About C. diff” brochure in English or Spanish

Peer Support

C. difficile Support Group

This message board moderated by C. diff survivors and caregivers has lots of helpful information and supportive people: Clostridium difficile Support Group

Facebook Groups

Facebook has a number of groups for people fighting C. diff. Please note that you will need a Facebook account to access them. Here are a few of our favorites:

Cdiffsite.com – Moderated by Advocates Council member Lisa N., a friendly group with a wealth of knowledge.

C-diff – Friendly support group, moderated by C. diff survivors.

The Fecal Transplant Foundation – Moderated by Catherine Duff, TFTF’s founder, this group provides support for patients and caregivers pursuing or having had a fecal transplant.


PLF Fact Sheets


Additional Resources from Allied Orgs