The Peggy Lillis Foundation is building a nationwide CDI awareness movement by educating the public, empowering advocates and shaping policy, and we need your help.

Since 2000, CDIs have gone from being a “nuisance” disease to a nationwide epidemic causing an increasing burden of harm and death for Americans. In 2011, CDIs killed more Americans than HIV/AIDS or drunk driving.

PLF believes that patient and citizen advocacy, combined with efforts by public health experts, healthcare workers, and facility administrators, is the key to reversing the growing harm caused by CDIs.

Robust citizen and patient-led movements have had enormous success in driving change for HIV/AIDS, meningococcal disease and, more recently, a host of rare diseases. They have been critical to raising awareness of risk factors, symptoms and prevention; lobbying state and federal agencies for regulatory reform; securing increased funding for research and treatment; and putting a face on the disease for the broader public.

How You Can Help

Here are 5 concrete ways that you can join our movement to create a world where CDIs are rare, treatable and preventable:

1.     Sign up for our e-newsletter to follow PLF’s work

2.     Visit our Take Action page for specific actions you can take right now

3.     Raise awareness by sharing a C. diff Story with your friends and family, or share your or your loved one’s story with us

4.     Visit our Events page to learn about training, fundraisers and community events in your area

5.     Visits our Tools & Resources page for help in your advocacy

Join Our Advocates Council

PLF’s Advocates Council is a nationwide network of individuals whose lives have been impacted by a Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection, whether directly or through a loved one. Comprised of volunteer leaders, the Council is the nucleus for our national movement to raise C. diff awareness. Supported by PLF, Advocates engage in a wide range of activities to educate the public, support and empower CDI sufferers and caregivers, lobby for CDI-related laws and regulations at the state and federal level, and help build a powerful and sustainable movement.

Click here to download our Advocates Council Volunteer Description, and apply to join: Advocates Council Application.

Click here to meet members of the Advocates Council.