June 8, 2012

I came across Pastor Vic on Twitter where he was sharing the story of his recent battle with C. diff. The Pastor was sick for 10 days before he finally reached out to his doctor who urged him to go to the emergency room. Luckily, Pastor Vic did recover and is back working with church.

After reading his story on the pastor’s blog, I reached out to him and asked if we could use it on the foundation website. I’m happy to say that he agreed.

I’m particularly pleased because his is only the second story we have from a man who fought C. diff. Despite the fact that men and women are diagnosed with C. diff on a roughly equal basis, the men who have reached out to the foundation have been more reticent to share. That’s in keeping with the general trend of men being more circumspect about sharing information about their health.

Even if you’re not religious, I think you’ll enjoy Pastor Vic’s perspective on C. diff and how he links the need for better hygiene to old Biblical tales. If you are a Christian, you can also check out his weekly sermon blog: Monday Mornings with Pastor Vic.

As always please tweet, Facebook or otherwise share this the pastor’s story with your friends to help us raise awareness.

Now, on to Pastor Vic’s story:

Pastor Vic

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  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks to Pastor Vic for sharing your story. I am certain it will help others. Perhaps we should reach out to Proctor & Gamble in our fight against C-diff ???