July 27, 2012

Tiara Davis is 22-year-old woman living in Jacksonville, Florida. She has been battling C. diff since April 29th. Despite not having been hospitalized, or having any of the risk factors typically associated with C. diff infections, Tiara has lost more than 40 pounds in the past 4 months as she struggled to get diagnosed and received effective treatment.

Tiara’s story is a perfect example of the changing face of C. diff as it continues to morph from a healthcare associated infection primarily found in elderly Americans with compromised immune systems to a disease that can seemingly afflict anyone at anytime. We are grateful to Tiara for sharing her story with us and helping us to dispel that myths around C. diff.

Please helps the foundation and Tiara to raise C. diff awareness by sharing her story with your friends and family by email or on social media. You can click on the icons below to share Tiara’s story.

Tiara’s C. diff Story: Fighting C. diff in Jacksonville

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