August 27, 2012

Ricky is a 25-year-old man living in Los Angeles, California. I became acquainted with him through a Facebook C. diff Support Group.

Ricky Spiese

Ricky Spiese

Ricky’s story is unique and interesting for a number of reasons. First, Ricky’s convinced that he was colonized by C. diff while visiting his late grandmother in a nursing home.  He notes that, while she had been diagnosed with C. diff, at no point did the nursing home staff warn him or his other family members to take sanitary or hygiene precautions.

Second, Ricky’s C. diff infection was set off, not by the oral antibiotics typically associated with CDIs, but by using Cipro eye drops.

Third, Ricky’s mother figured out that he was suffering from C. diff by reviewing his grandmother’s medical records and realizing the connection between her mother’s illness and her son’s.

Finally, Ricky spend months and thousands of dollars trying to cure himself of C. diff. Eventually, he and his gastroenterologist decided he should have a fecal transplant.  Inexplicably, the hospital where the GI doctor was affiliated refused to approve the procedure, so Ricky ultimately ended up doing an enema-based fecal transplant at home!

Please read and share Ricky’s story to help us raise awareness.

Ricky Spiese’s C. diff Story

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  1. Id like to help by completely disinfecting Ricky’s home.