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  • Location: California
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: F
  • Length: On-going
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

Ignorance was bliss; this was how my C. diff journey began. In 2009 I was a healthy 26-year-old woman, I had just found out in the fall that I was expecting my first child. As a first-time pregnant mother, I was overjoyed with the adventures that would come with my …

Donald M.
  • Location: New York
  • Age: 52
  • Gender: M
  • Length:
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

At the age of 49, my father, Donald, had three consecutive strokes. The ER doctor told us that they have never seen scans like his before. The bleed was massive and the swelling was rapidly increasing. 18 hours into the hospital stay, my father was in the OR having his brain …

Dr. Kathryn Wren
  • Location: Indiana
  • Age: 54
  • Gender: F
  • Length: 1 month
  • Source: Community Acquired

As a Doctor of Pharmacy (pharmacist) that worked in a hospital setting for more than twenty years, I was well versed on Clostridium difficile in terms of the disease itself— knew the highest risk groups (e.g., patients > 65 years old, in hospital or long-term care facilities, on long-term or …