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John Morgan
  • Location: Washington
  • Age: 64
  • Gender: M
  • Length: 17 months
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

(As told by his wife, Babette) Here is the story about my husband, John Morgan. On April 30th, 2011 only 14 days following his lung transplant my husband’s body started to shut down because of C. difficile colitis. This condition develops when bad bacteria living in your body overwhelmingly kills …

Amanda Bonagura
  • Location: New York
  • Age: 36
  • Gender: F
  • Length: 1 month
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

In December 2018 I had a miscarriage that caused an infection. My obstetrician prescribed Augmentin to control the infection, but my condition worsened before I was able to take more than one tablet. I was sent to the emergency department (ED) for intravenous antibiotics and a dilation curettage procedure (D …

  • Location: International
  • Age: 66
  • Gender: F
  • Length:
  • Source: Community Acquired

I took a pet sitting assignment in February 2019 and was staying in a senior’s condo when I suddenly came down with the symptoms of C. diff. This was strange because I was perfectly fine upon arrival, hadn’t been taking antibiotics, and hadn’t visited the hospital. But the lady who …