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  • Location: International
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: F
  • Length: Four Months
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

Living the story you want to tell… I have avoided writing about my struggle because it is a reminder of how scary that time was, but I have decided it is time to tell my story. I am hoping it will raise awareness and help others going through their own …

  • Location: Wyoming
  • Age: 5
  • Gender: F
  • Length: Six Months
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

As told by her mother. Riley was diagnosed with C. diff on May 10th of 2017 after having an upper GI test done. To celebrate the good news from the procedure, we went to Yellowstone National Park to camp, but sadly something was wrong with her, and she started to …

Brenna Darazs
  • Location: Oregon
  • Age: 48
  • Gender: F
  • Length: Three Months
  • Source: Hospital Acquired

I had never heard of Clostridium difficile until I was infected. I was scheduled for a routine hysterectomy to remove a uterine fibroid, a fairly simple procedure lasting only a couple of hours. My surgeon informed me that she could not perform the surgery unless there were antibiotics in the …