March 2, 2018
by Kit

Written by Angela Kelly.

Most Cost-Effective C. diff Treatments

With C. diff costing the US 4.8 billion dollars per year, a new study examining the most cost-effective C. diff treatments has been released. Fidaxomicin (Dificid) was found to be the most cost-effective treatment in first episode CDIs in two out of three studies and three out five recurrent C. diff infections. In four out of four studies, FMT via colonoscopy was found to be the most cost-effective treatment for relapsing C. diff infections.

Reducing Rates of Adult C. diff in Oncology Units

UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center, a 26-bed medical oncology unit, decreased their CDI rate from 14.99 per 10,000 patient days to zero cases from February 2015 to July 2015. This huge decrease in cases was achieved by implementing a high touch wipe down (HTWD) program. Clorox germicidal wipes were stored in all patient rooms and nursing stations, nurses and care staff cleaned high-touch surfaces with bleach wipes at least once per shift (twice per shift for neutropenic patients). High touch surfaces included “bed frames, call lights, doorknobs, countertops, side tables, nightstands, monitor cables, and workstations.” Ambulation and aromatherapy were offered during wipe-down; staff wore gloves, gowns, and masks to safeguard against fumes and uniform discoloration.

Finch Therapeutics Gains $36 Million in Funding for C. diff Treatment

Finch Therapeutics Group announced the close of $36 million in new financing. The Massachusetts-based startup merged with Crestovo in 2017, picking up the phase two trial of CP101, a promising “full-spectrum microbiota product” used to treat recurrent C. diff infections. CP101 is an “encapsulated, single dose, orally-administered medicine that contains the full complement of functional microorganisms that may help restore the dysbiotic microbiota to a normal, functioning gut microbial community.” Finch is also working on an early stage treatment for IBD.

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