May 1, 2018

Angela Kelly

By Angela Kelly

Video Review of New C. diff Treatment Guidelines

Dr. David A. Johnson Professor of Medicine and Chief of Gastroenterology at Gastroenterology Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA explains the new SHEA guidelines. Dr. Johnson visits the revisions to C. diff treatment and testing; and names C. Diff as the leading cause of nosocomial death in the United States in an in-depth video review.


Reader’s Digest: 34 Ways to Survive Your Next Trip to the Hospital

Among the suggestions are to check your the infection rates of your local hospitals (don’t just pick the closest facility) and to “be smart about antibiotics” as “they increase your risk of picking up Clostridium difficile, one of the deadliest hospital-acquired infections… That’s why the CDC no longer recommends antibiotics after an operation if you have no signs of infection.” Another suggestion is to “clean your hospital room” as “up to 60% of hospital rooms are not cleaned properly. For extra protection, ask a nurse for some bleach wipes.” Always “tell your doctor about diarrhea…especially if you’re getting or recently had an antibiotic.” “And Insist on handwashing.”


“Oral Fecal Transplant Transforms Woman’s Life”

After many months of suffering a debilitating C. diff infection which began in the fall of 2017, Kelly Poole of Indiana was successfully treated with an oral-fecal transplant. The procedure was performed by Dr. Monika Fischer at IU Health, Poole was part of a sixty patient two-year study which required Poole to swallow 30 “poop pills” within 7 minutes. A new study at IU will begin this summer which will only require treatment with a few fecal capsules.

Angela Kelly is a C. diff survivor and mother. She is the founder of Gutsymother and member of PLF’s Advocates Council.

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