March 12, 2018
by Kit

Written by Angela Kelly.

The Columbus Dispatch Publishes Opinion Piece by PLF Advocate

Peggy Lillis Foundation Advocate Christina McDuffie’s experience with C. diff appears in The Columbus Dispatch. “Imagine being hit by an invisible car. That’s what infection by Clostridium difficile, or C. diff., felt like when it shut down my digestive system and almost killed me.” Christina McDuffie shares her six-year battle with C. diff and asks legislators and patients to act locally and reduce C. diff in our communities.

Equal Opportunity Infection: Clostridium difficile

An in-depth article in Contemporary Clinic provides valuable insight into the factors driving community-acquired C. diff infections, including contact with young children. “Twenty-five percent to slightly more than 50% of hospitalized patients” are colonized with C. diff. “Asymptomatic carriage was tied to recent use of antibiotics and prior CDI, and asymptomatic carriers outnumber patients with CA-CDI by more than three times in the community. It is likely that 70% of children under two years may be colonized with C. difficile and contact with these children is related to a greater risk of CA-CDI development.”

WHO Publishes List of Priority Pathogens for the First Time

“The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published, for the first time, a list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria—from twelve families—that are priority pathogens that urgently need antibiotics to treat them. WHO hopes that this list will drive research & development (R&D) efforts to create these new antibiotics.” There is a shortage of new antibiotics in the pipeline. Bacteria continue to become resistant to current antibiotics; new antibiotics are urgently needed to battle this imminent threat.

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