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$10,000 – $24,999



$5,000 – $9,999BD logoCepheid Logo




$2,500 – $4,999

The Family and Friends of Judy Dexter





$1,000 – $2,499


Robert Daly

Randy Demeyers

Doctors’ Biome

Dr. and Mrs. Dale Gerding

LeMed Specialty Pharmacy

Mintz & Gold, LLP

Ira Platt

Jeffrey & Carmela Pollack

Xenex Disinfection Services

Van West Media


$500 – $999

Helen Biegel, RN

Cynthia & Jarrett Bens

Gary & Bernie Dais

Eileen DiBenedetto

Stephen Dillon & Philip Maguire

Christina & Dane Fuhrman

Drs. Bruce & Susan Hirsch

Brian & Mary Morgan

Dorothy “Baby Ann” Manzo

Lee Family Foundation

Christian John Lillis & Christopher Young

Liam & Melissa Lillis

Mary Mielczareck

Victoria & Scott Newman

Tracey Real Estate, Inc.


$250 – $499

Sean & Lynn Brereton

Brian Levitt & Stephen Lee, MD

Denise Cardo, MD

Jeanette Carneglia

Roxane Chabot

John Curcio

Rich & Karen Dexter

Mary Beth Dorr

Stephen Genovese

Amy-Elizabeth Hagen

Lauri Hicks, DO

Nina Hill, PhD

Judy Honig, PhD

Neil Mancuso

Nicole Mahoney & Omar Chavez

Jennifer Mayer-Sandoval

Donna McColgan

Kevin McDermott

Susan Pedretti

Lisa Rogers, PhD & Blair Neal

Barry Slevin

Alicia Skovera & Heather Guthrie

Melinda & Jeff Young