August 27, 2012

Ricky’s story is unique and interesting for a number of reasons. First, Ricky’s convinced that he was colonized by C. diff while visiting his late grandmother in a nursing home. He notes that, while she had been diagnosed with C. diff, at no point did the nursing home staff warn him or his other family members to take sanitary or hygiene precautions. Second, Ricky’s C. diff infection was set off, not by the oral antibiotics typically associated with CDIs, but by using Cipro eye drops. Third, Ricky’s mother figured out that he was suffering from C. diff by reviewing his grandmother’s medical records and realizing the connection between her mother’s illness and her son’s.

August 23, 2012

In just 2 years, the Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation has rallied a national coalition to confront a disease that afflicts people in healthcare settings and claims the lives of more than 25,000 Americans each year. C. diff. has been cutting a steadily widening and lethal swath through the country for the last 40 years. But it doesn’t have to. How do we prevent C. diff.? And how do we identify it quickly in patients so it doesn’t kill? These are the questions the foundation has become a force in answering. Consumers and caregivers are using our materials every day to improve healthcare in the U.S. Our ability to shape health strategies and outcomes derives in large part from the support of people who care. We ask you to join the ranks of our supporters today with a tax-deductible contribution.