June 25, 2012
Posted in Community, Peggy

Friday morning I had the privilege of presenting the 3rd Annual Peggy Lillis School Spirit Awards to four awesome kids during the PS 198 Kindergarten Graduation. Despite the 100 degree heat in the auditorium, the parents and students were very excited to celebrate and I was delighted to be on …

June 12, 2012
Posted in Patient Safety

I recently read a piece that Martha wrote for Patient Safety Insight, the magazine of American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety, “Connecting the Dots: From Family Advocacy to Patient Safety in the Hospital”. I like the article for a number of reasons. First, Martha shares the uncertainty that many of us feel in doing this work. As anyone who has visited a hospital knows, the American healthcare system is incredibly complex, and many of us who come to work in patient advocacy do not have formal training. Second, Martha shares the fear and confusion anyone might feel in trying to advocate for their family member. Finally, Martha shares her hard-earned wisdom on how to be an effective advocate for your loved one.