April 16, 2012

Peggy Lillis was a Kindergarten teacher who worked for many years here at PS 198. In total, she spent twenty years working in public education, first as a paraprofessional and then as a teacher. As a single mother, she worked tirelessly to put herself through college and achieve her dream of teaching Kindergarten. I’ve yet to meet anyone that had a greater love for children. Throughout her career, she helped educate hundreds of students. Her only goal was to give them the best possible foundation so they would be lifelong learners and successful adults.

April 12, 2012

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your mother. Her story sounds very similar to mine except I survived. I am now 58 but at 54 I had a heart attack which required bypass surgery, 5 days later I had symptoms very similar to your Mom’s and a week later a subtotal colectomy was done. I was in a coma for 11 days and in the hospital for an addition 3 weeks. My recovery after that was extremely slow and I did not return to work for 7 months. It was a very virulent form of C. diff and did not respond to vancomycin. If any of my experiences would help you please send me a message.

April 9, 2012

About a year ago, Liam and I were honored to be asked to write the foreword to an excellent book, “Clostridium difficile: A Patient’s Guide.” The book, written by Chris O’Neal, who, along with his wife, survived a terrible bout of C. diff several years ago, and his doctor Raf Sid Rizk, MD, is one of the few resources that is written for patients by patients. Even for people like us, who are marinating in C.Clostridium difficile: A Patient’s Guide diff information daily, the book’s accessible language and personal take on being stricken by this infection, is extremely helpful. If you or a loved one has had C. diff, this is an excellent resource.