• Educated National Audiences:
    • PLF redesigned its website in July 2015, increasing its value as a key resource for patients, families, providers, policymakers and advocates.
    • In the fall of 2015, PLF worked with corporate partner Sanofi Pasteur to film, edit, and distribute a video series highlighting patient perspectives on C. diff infections (CDIs). These videos are a new tool to increase national CDI awareness among patients, healthcare providers, the healthcare industry, and the public.
    • PLF worked with Merck & Co., Inc. to develop and distribute an easy-to-understand, patient-focused C. diff brochure, now available in print and online, in Spanish and English.
    • PLF participated in the Center for Disease Control’s Get Smart About Antibiotics week. We worked with our Advocates Council to place two op-eds on this important topic, produced special graphics for a mini-campaign on Twitter and Facebook, and encouraged participation in the CDC’s Twitter Chat, reaching 140,000 Americans.
    • Christian penned a piece released in the Los Angeles Progressive about the value of grassroots advocacy to advance public health.
  • Empowered Advocates: In 2015, PLF held our first-ever Summit for 30 CDI advocates. Over two days, 20 experts from medicine, microbiology, health care policy, media relations, lobbying, and grassroots activism provided knowledge and skills to these new leaders.
    • In addition to the in-person training that advocates received, the Summit led to a host of enduring tools, including videos of all Summit sessions on PLF’s YouTube channel, and tips sheets on federal policy, state advocacy and engaging the media.
    • PLF has grown and supported our Advocates Council, a group of 25 volunteers committed to fighting CDIs. PLF worked with the Council to identify shared goals for advocacy, communication, and fundraising. In addition to placing two op-eds, the Council’s accomplishments over the past six months include:
      • Several Advocates participated in the successful campaign to ensure increased funding for CDIs and antibiotic resistance in the 2016 federal budget.
      • One member started the process of joining her state Healthcare Acquired Infections committee.
      • Several started peer fundraising campaigns to raise critical support to advance the fight against C. diff.
      • PLF leadership recruited four new Advocates Council members.
  • Shaped Policy: PLF stepped up our efforts to impact policy at the federal level through collaboration and our own campaigns, including:
    • Our Executive Director, Christian, attended the June 2015 White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship, one of only three patient representatives invited.
    • Signed on to letters in support of an array of federal legislative proposals, including ADAPT, LPDA and DISARM.
    • Ran online campaigns in support of the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act and the President’s 2016 Budget Proposal which included significant new investments for the surveillance and tracking of CDI and other antibiotic resistant infections.
    • In December 2015, PLF was invited to join in the National Quality Forum’s Antibiotic Stewardship Task Force. This Task Force is designing a “playbook” to help hospitals implement new requirements for Medicare and Medicaid participation. PLF’s focus is helping identify ways for hospitals to engage patients and caregivers in their antibiotic stewardship programs.
  • Increased Our Capacity & Built PartnershipsTo advance our mission and programmatic work, we have  accomplished the following operational, fundraising, and capacity-building work over the past twelve months:
    • Our Executive Director, Christian Lillis, became full-time.
    • PLF held its 5th Anniversary FIGHT C. DIFF GALA in October 2015, raising more than $60,000.
    • PLF has started the process of becoming a stand-alone 501(c)3 nonprofit, including identifying the right leadership structure. PLF has also engaged a consultant to help build a new Board of Directors.
    • PLF has engaged a foundation relations expert to increase and diversify philanthropic support of PLF programs.


  • Finalized & embarked on actions outlined in our strategic plan: “Educating Nationally, Advocating Locally.” This plan encompasses a diverse set of goals that we will accomplish over the next three years, and features a more refined mission and vision.
    • New vision: A world where C. diff is rare, treatable, and survivable.
    • New mission: Building a nationwide C. diff awareness movement by educating the public, empowering advocates and shaping policy.
  • Educated national audiences and empowered advocates: Developed new educational and marketing materials to reach a broader audience, increase PLF’s visibility and make our voice more memorable.
    • Shortened our name from The Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation to Peggy Lillis Foundation and refined our logo to strengthen our brand.
    • Presented PLF’s first Advocacy Award to the Dexter family at our 2014 Gala for their work in memory of their wife and mother, Judy, and its first Innovators Award to Drs. Bruce Hirsch and Gerard Honig.
  • Increased Our Capacity & Built Partnerships: We also focused on increasing PLF’s capacity and building new partnerships in 2014:


  • Built Partnerships to Increase Impact
    • PLF co-sponsored Selling Sickness: People Before Profits, a conference organized by activist Kim Witzcak and academic Leonore Tiefer. The conference saw 200 activists, academics, journalists, and healthcare workers come together to take on epidemic of over-diagnosis and overtreatment in the U.S.
    • Leading vaccine company Sanofi Pasteur interviewed our executive director for a recruitment video for its Phase III clinical trial of a C. diff vaccine. The trial, called Cdiffense, began in August 2013 and is expected to last for three years with participants drawn from 17 countries. The recruitment video, which includes the stories of Peggy and others afflicted by C. diff, is being run in hundreds of healthcare facilities, pharmacies and doctors’ offices in participating countries.
  • Built Our Capacity
    • Welcomed Alicia Skovera, MSW to our National Advisory Council to augment clinical and social work expertise.
    • Developed our first three-year strategic plan to focus our organization’s efforts to educate the public about CDIs globally while working locally to advance legislation aimed at pushing the healthcare system to reduce infection rates.


  • Developed educational resources:
    • The foundation developed and distributed the first-ever public service announcement for CDI that educated more than 50,000 people by the end of 2012.
    • Website traffic increased by 255% since its launch in February 2011, and followers on both Facebook and Twitter doubled over the previous year.
    • Developed and distributed our own content, including:
      • New C. diff stories” that challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding the disease.
      • Informational blog posts, including the week-long series, “7 Days of Peggy, which memorialized our namesake and introduced her life and spirit to new supporters.
  • Collaborated and built partnerships to increase impact:
    • PLF served as a community representative at a conference on CDIs  held at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, sponsored by UTMB, the Institute for Translational Science, Texas Children’s Microbiome Center, Baylor College of Medicine & Texas Children’s Hospital. The Gulf Coast diff Collaborative of doctors, researchers, and public health experts was formed as a result of this conference.
    • Beth Israel Brooklyn, a 212-bed community hospital, began using PLF’s 8-minute “Fight C. diff” video to educate its physicians, nurses, and other staff.
    • Participated in and received the proceeds from a walk-a-thon at the Eagle Lake Recreation Community in Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania.
    • Participated in a daylong summit at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding government standards for reporting and enforcement and public involvement in advocacy and prevention efforts.
    • Our executive director presented on C. diff as part of a panel discussion at the University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service’s Patient Safety Academy.


  • Developed educational materials: Launched the most comprehensive, patient-focused website devoted to providing information about C. diff.
  • Increased C. diff awareness in the media:
    • Appeared in an interview on “A Better Way”, on Manhattan Community Television.
    • Appeared in an interview on “Joy In Our Town” a news magazine on Trinity Broadcasting Network.
    • Published our first editorial, “An epidemic that states have to stop,” in the prestigious Albany Times Union